Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Daily Surf. March 7, 1917. p. 1


Car With Actors Collides With Rev. H. E. Beeks' Machine

A real auto collision, not intended for the films, took place this afternoon on Front Street. Members of the Robard-Reid Company had been enacting a jail scene in front of the county jail. The camera man had shot the picture of the woman emerging from the jail with its grated door and she had entered the auto, when a scene not in the scenario took place. The young actor was not much of a chauffeur and in driving it he ran directly into a car driven by Rev. H. E. Beeks, Methodist Church pastor. The fender of the right front wheel was smashed and the wheel twisted of the Beeks car.

Mr. Reid instructed Mr. Beeks to send his bill to him at Piedmont Court.

One of the movie actors, when told that it was the car of the Methodist minister, answered by saying, "Poor fellow, he could not say just what he felt."