Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Sentinel-News, Morning Edition. Dec. 8, 1916. p. 2


Mayor F. R. Howe, while at Del Monte yesterday, received a message over the long distance phone from Paul Powell, a director of the Griffith Company, that 23 film actors for the Fine Arts Film Company would leave Los Angeles in the evening for this city to film a big production. The company is coming in special cars attached to the Lark, and will arrive here this morning at 7:40, going direct to the St. George, where they will stay while in this city. With them they bring a carload of scenery. The players will be met at the depot by Mayor Howe, Henry Stoddard and R. L. Cardiff, who showed the Griffith representatives about this city a couple of weeks ago, the result being that they decided to come here in preference to any other place, because of the scenery, which is appropriately adapted to the picture to be filmed.

For a couple of days the company will work around here and will be at Laveaga Park for a part of the time, taking some scenes at the studio there. The players will then go to the San Vicente logging camp and into a pine forest. While in this section they will stop at the Gregory Ranch. Pictures will also be taken this side of the Big Trees, and at other points.

We have not learned the title of this film play, but it was written by Miss Mary H. O'Connor, formerly of this city, but now a scenario director and writer for the Griffith people in Los Angeles. Miss O'Connor did some writing for the "Sentinel" while here and has many friends here. To Miss O'Connor perhaps is due a measure of thanks for writing a story that made it necessary for this distinguished group of movie stars to come in Santa Cruz to get a picture perfect in scenery and detail.

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