Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Daily Surf. March 10, 1917. p. 8


Lasky Company Amid Most Beautiful Mountain Scenery

Few pictures presented on the screens will have a finer setting of mountain scenery than "Freckles," which is being enacted in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Jack Pickford, Miss Huff and the company motored yesterday over some rough roads. They went three miles beyond Boulder Creek on the Big Basin road, but the showers were too frequent for shooting pictures. They remained there all morning, had lunch at noon and were compelled to come home in early afternoon.

The setting at this place is that of wonderful mountain scenery. It is at the junction of two creeks, Boulder and Jamison, in the vicinity of the junction of the Big Basin and Jamison Creek Roads, about two miles beyond the place where Beatrice Michaelena starred a couple of years ago in a western drama. The work is being done where the two creeks come together and where there are huge granite boulders and the loveliest of falls, which are at present running full of water. They are approached by a narrow path over a difficult path. At this place the front of a log cabin has been erected for one of the scenes.

They have not yet been to Hard Scrabble Ranch on Two Bar Creek, where are the swamps necessary for this play.

Another Company May Come

Another company of movie actors may soon be here, as Mayor Howe has been in consultation with members of the California Fish and Game Commission in reference to allowing certain pictures to be taken at the spawning beds at Scotts Creek. Permission has been granted and Mayor Howe has wired to Los Angeles to that effect.