Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Daily Surf. March 7, 1917. p. 8


The Lasky Company to Act "Freckles" for the Films

Jack Pickford, a movie star, arrived this morning and announced that his sister Mary would arrive Sunday morning. The Lasky company of 17 arrived at 8 o'clock this morning from Los Angeles, coming up the coast on the Lark in a special Pullman. Mr. Zimmerman, director of locations for the Lasky company, has been here for some time making preliminary arrangements and selecting locations for the parts of "Freckles" that will be filmed near Santa Cruz, was at the station to greet the company, who were taken to Casa del Rey, where they will stop during their stay.

Jack Pickford is the principal and takes the part of Freckles. His opposite is Miss Louise Huff. They made their greatest hit in Dickens' "Great Expectations" and "We Are Seventeen." Miss Huff is accompanied by her mother. Marshal Nelan is director of the company, Hal Rossen camera man and Bob E. Lee assistant camera man. Other members of the cast are Hobart Bosworth, Walter Stradding, E. L. Parks, D. L. Blanchard, Guy Oliver, Leo Manis, David Kesson, Billie Elmer, E. N. Martin and Lillie Leighton. Immediately after arrival they had breakfast.

The places chosen for the special scenic surroundings for "Freckles" are the W. B. Parsons ranch in Scotts Valley for the logging camp. For the swamp scene the location selected by Mr. Zimmerman is Hard Scrabble Ranch on Two Bar Creek, the property of H. D. Hollenback and Tom Maddocks. Mr. Zimmerman pronounces that this place was made to order. He could ask for nothing better. He is enthusiastic over this section for outdoor scenes for work. This company expects to remain here two or three weeks.

Manager Edgar Wilson of Casa del Rey, in compliment to the company, will give a dance Saturday night at the hotel, to which the people of Santa Cruz are invited.

Mary Pickford will be due here Sunday morning with a company of from 25 to 40 to enact a western drama, "Other Men's Boots." The director will be Cecil B. DeMille, who is no stranger to Santa Cruz. He was here with a Lasky company with Charlotte Walker as the star, when they put on "The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine." Mr. Zimmerman has been looking over locations for this company also. They have not yet inspected the Cowell cave, which they hope can be used for a cave scene.