Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Daily Surf. April 5, 1916. p. 6


Displayed at the Princess Theater Before Capacity Houses

So great was the interest of Santa Cruz in the first local film, "The Tip," by the Fer Dal Motion Picture Company that the Princess was crowded with capacity houses at three shows last night. People waited an hour and a half on the outside to get a chance to witness the production. It was of double interest, as the players have become familiar to people of the city and every scene was acted in familiar parts of the city. All are familiar with the play which opens with Mayor Howe and Chief Hannah with smiling countenances standing in front of Jensen Bros.' Garage. There the passing of the phoney money takes place with different autoists who drive up for gasoline.

Next is seen Conklins' Restaurant, outside and in, where the plot thickens. There is a good scene on Maple Street and another opposite the former Haslam residence at Walnut and Chestnut Avenues. Andy Hegele shows off great behind the counter at his place of business. It is here the secret service man gets the tip and then commences to unravel the plot and mystery of the passage of the counterfeit money. It is finally unraveled after an exciting chase around the cliff, where there is a fine scenic effect with the Goodfellow residence showing up fine; also the groves of trees that border the road.

The pictures are clear and show up well and proved of great interest to those present.

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