Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Sentinel-News, Morning Edition. Aug. 15, 1916. p. 8


Tonight and tomorrow night the first production of La Petite Film Co. of Santa Cruz will pass over the screen at the Jewel Theater. The play is written by Charles H. Parker and directed by Leon Kent. The title of the story is "The Secret Formula," and the actors in the picture are all Santa Cruz people and claim to be only amateurs, though most of them have already appeared on the stage. Miss Judith C. Parker plays a leading part, Grace Williamson, Mildred Scott, Arthur Mayo, Henry Edson, Hugh Leonard, Clarence Roney.

It is claimed that Santa Cruz people on Santa Cruz soil and sea, can produce pictures perfect in every particular desired in a first class film, at a lower cost than the same could be produced in localities less favored by nature than ours. And that we have talent in our midst that will favorably compare with anything seen on the screen at the present time. If there is found sufficient backing, Santa Cruz may be congratulated on a new industry, and her people on the artistic treat spread before them.

Copyrighted by the Santa Cruz Sentinel-News, Morning Edition. Reproduced by permission.