Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Daily Surf. April 7, 1917. p. 8


An Early California Play to Be Put On

A Thomas H. Ince Triangle Motion Picture company numbering 35 arrived this morning on the 7:45 o'clock train in a special Pullman sleeper and a steel baggage car with their equipment. They went to the St. George for breakfast and at 10 o'clock motored to Felton, where they will stop with Geo. Featherstone a week or ten days.

William S. Hart is the leading man with two leads; in the opposite roles, Misses Sylvia Bremer and Alma Reuben. Mr. Hart has starred in many of the best Triangle pictures, including Hell's Hinges, The Aryan, The Disciple, Between Men, On The Night Stage, Truthful Tullweler, The Gun Fighters, and many others.

S. C. Smith and Mr. Hart are co-directors and Mildred Harris and Mr. Wallack are well known stars in the company. There are a number of cowboys who take part, as it is a California play of the early sixties. They will put on the play around the Big Trees and will use the village that the Ince Company built when they put on "The Primal Lure," when Marjorie Wilson played the opposite to Mr. Hart.