Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Daily Surf. April 7, 1916. p. 8


Business Men and Other Invited Guests Witness the Films

The Fer Dal motion pictures thrown on the screen at the Princess yesterday showed that Santa Cruz has ideal settings for scenic effects for motion pictures. In response to invitations from the Fer Dal Motion Picture Company, prominent business and professional men were there to witness "The Call Of The Pipe," which was given for the first time and which was afterward sent by Mr. Ferguson to San Francisco. The members of the cast were present and were most interested in watching themselves as they appear in the production.

Edward Ferguson, manager, explained that these were only the laboratory and not the commercial films, and that when finished they would be much clearer. "The Tip" was first given, but this play had been presented before, so the interest was centered on the "Call Of The Pipe," just finished. That Santa Cruz was adapted for the taking of such pictures was manifest. The three reel play had nearly the entire setting at the golf links and it takes pictures of this sort to give the residents a full realization of what they have in this vicinity. Woven into the play were a number of golf players and on different parts of the links where the settings for the acting was staged there were vistas of the San Lorenzo canyon with the mountains in the distance, outlooks toward Rincon with the quarry on the mountainside and the oak and redwood covered mountains above Pogonip. The golf club house veranda was just what was needed; also the lake at the links with the shadows of the performers as they walked along the bank.

Suddenly the scene would change and after climbing into the golf club window the scene was unbeknown in the studio at Laveaga Park. Suddenly, as a part of the same scene, the old Scotch piper, with his bagpipe was on the seat below the log cabin of the Mayos on Laurel street. The bridge across the creek and their picturesque log cabin was the picturesque setting for several scenes.

Back to the golf links; scenes under the spreading oaks, the rustic bridge and amidst the redwoods were used. A beautiful scene was at the rose pergola at Laveaga Park with its fountain, and also a rustic seat scene amidst the city park pines.

Few motion pictures show a finer setting than "The Call Of The Pipe."

Following the movies, Santa Cruz colored pictures were projected, and the cliff, the natural bridge, high breakers, the redwood, mountain glimpses, beds of flowers, climbing wisteria, etc., were given with wonderful effect.