Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Daily Surf. June 26, 1916. p. 4


F. W. Swanton returned from his recent trip to Los Angeles after delivering the "Smugglers' Awakening" and "The Renegade," and tells us that the picture company formerly known as the Fer-Dal will be renamed the Diamond S. D. Film Manufacturing Company. The trade mark will be S. D. inclosed in a diamond shape. They will for the present stop making one reelers and prepare the company so as to make five reel pictures featuring the Santa Cruz Mountains and coast scenery.

It will probably be two weeks before such arrangements can be perfected. Mr. Swanton has been in communication with several Eastern picture companies and is in receipt of a letter from William A. Brady, President and General Manager of the World Film Corporation of New York. We copy a few paragraphs of the letter:

I wish to acknowledge receipt of your letter of June 12 in answer to mine of June 2.

I note what you say about producing five reel pictures and that you would be pleased to submit the same to us for screen inspection.

In this connection I wish to state that I would be more than pleased to look at these pictures at any time you may desire to have me do so and if the same meets with my approval I shall be glad to talk terms with you.

If you see my old friends, Sam Davis and Tom O'Neil, tell them that the next time I come West I shall be delighted to give them "the once over."

Yours very truly,
William A. Brady,
Director General, World Film Corporation

William A. Brady (Billy Brady) in the early eighties was for years the newsboy on the narrow gage or mountain line running between here and San Francisco. He is now known as the greatest theatrical manager of New York and is rated as a millionaire. No one is better acquainted with Santa Cruz scenery than Billy Brady.