Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Sentinel-News, Morning Edition. Sept. 11, 1911. p. 1


Local scenes are again to be seen in the Selig moving pictures. That is the picturesqueness of this city and surrounding are to be the background for thrilling dramas to be enacted by a company of thirty players who will be here this week for an indefinite stay to work out plays for this big moving picture company.

Sunday and Monday J. L. McGee, the Pacific Coast representative for the Selig Company, was in this city making arrangements for the coming of one of the Selig troupes, which will be here by Thursday, nothing preventing.

Permission has been secured from the Cowells for the use of the lands on hills overlooking Santa Cruz at the edge of the woods, back of the place of C. C. Moore, where some of the ever popular Western dramas will be staged, which will include some of those startling feats on horseback, in which Indians, cowboys, etc., figure so prominently. Permission has also been secured to work in some of the ox teams of the Cowells, which are still a familiar sight on the Big Tree road, although harking back to pioneer days.

The company comes from Southern California where at Edenvale and the surrounding country they have been acting for picture plays. With the company is Nick Coghlan, well known in this city as an actor, who played here with Leo Christal Bell, when he conducted the show house of Mack Swain. His likeness has been recognized many times in the Selig films shown in the moving picture houses here.

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