Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Daily Surf. Oct. 21, 1911. p. 1


Actors for Selig Company Are on The Hills Today

The Selig Motion Picture Company arrived last evening from the south and today are in the hills back of Cowells, at work.

They came especially for "The Danites," but will not commence on that play until tomorrow.

This morning, with Swift Train in charge of the teams, the company left the Hotel Waldo, attracting much attention. They go in their makeup, the faces painted as for the stage.

Today they are going over the scene from "The Diamond In The Rough," which they put on when here before.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, they go to the hills for scenes for "The Danites," especially that of the wagon team. They have already eight or ten scenes of this taken at the studio at Los Angeles.

They expect to use the Cowell ox teams in the wagon train and will make use of about twenty-five local people.

James L. McGee the business manager for the Selig Polyscope Company went to the County hospital today where he hopes to get a number of the elderly men and old timers, who are a necessary adjunct in the play.

The members of the company are: Francis Boggs, producer; Hobart Bosworth, Sidney Ayres, Tom Sanstchi, leading men; Miss Betty Harte, leading woman; Mrs. Eyton, Herbert Rawlinson, Fred Huntley, George Hernandez, Roy Watson, Ernest Garcia, Baby Watson; Bob Brothinton and Guy Gerstead, operators.