Santa Cruz County History - Films

Full Text Newspaper ArticleSanta Cruz Evening News. Oct. 21, 1911. p. 1


The Southern California players of the Selig Polyscope Company have arrived and are registered at the Waldo. Among them are some of the famous actors of the moving-picture world.

All who witnessed "The Heart of John Barlow" recently produced at the Jewel Theater will remember the clever work of John, his wife, and the old man. These parts were respectively filled by Sydney Ayres, Betty Harte and George Hernandez, all of whom arrived today and are preparing, with the others, to put on a few of the scenes from "The Danites" among the hills tomorrow and the next day. This morning Bessie Eyton, Bette Harte, Sydney Ayres and two or three of the other actors started for the Big Trees to re-enact a scene they acted there on their last visit, but which did not develop well.

Following are the names of the company now in town: Bessie Eyton, Betty Harte, Francis Boggs, H. B. Rawlson, Fred W. Huntley, Sydney Ayres, George Hernandez, Hobert Bosworth, Tour Sanstchi, Ernest Garcia, Bob Brotherton, Roy Watson, Baby Leonide Watson.

J. L. McGee, the Pacific coast manager of the Selig people, said this morning that about twenty-five local people would play in "The Danites." Miss Harte will play one of the leading parts and is highly spoken of as an actress of exceptional skill in portrayals of that kind.

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