Santa Cruz County History - Executive Order 9066 and the Residents of Santa Cruz County

Full Text Newspaper ArticleWatsonville Register-Pajaronian. June 5, 1945. p. 5


FRESNO (UP) - In a blistering attack on the "schoolboy opinions" of the American Civil Liberties union, District Attorney James M. Thuesen, said here that the ACLU should get the facts before "popping off" at what it termed the "lack of prosecution" of anti-Nisei demonstrations in Fresno county.

Thuesen's statement followed a request by Ernest Resig of San Francisco, an ACLU official, that the attorney general's office at Sacramento file felony charges against Levi Multanen, who recently was given a six months suspended sentence for an attack against the Parlier, Cal., home of Charles Iwasaki, a Japanese-American evacuee.

Resig charged Thuesen with not "adequately enforcing the law" in filing misdemeanor charges against the 33-year-old Parlier farmer who admitttedly fired a double-barreled shotgun at the Nisei's home the night of May 22. "If Multanen had committed a felony," Thuesen said, "a felony charge would have been filed. As it is, this office filed the only charge possible - and we made it stick."

Meanwhile, Justice of the Peace L.B. Crosby of Parlier, who suspended the sentence after Multanen pleaded guilty to "exhibiting a deadly weapon, in a rude, angry or threatening manner," said he had received a total of 67 letters of comment on his decision since the trial May 28. "At least 72 per cent of the letters were highly approving of our conduct of the case," Crosby said, "however, we received a few which expressed criticism."

Crosby said the bulk of the criticism had reached his office from the Los Angeles district, whereas, those from San Joaquin valley residents "almost unanimously supported him."

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