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Full Text Newspaper ArticleWatsonville Register-Pajaronian. Jan. 16, 1942. p. 2



To The Editor:

In these critical days when the policies of many organizations representing various nationality groups may be viewed with suspicion and even with alarm by certain individuals who are not intimately acquainted with the aims, ideals, and leadership of such associations, it becomes necessary and proper, in the public interest, that such fraternal and educational orders as the Japanese American Citizens League do unequivocally and sincerely announce their policies and objectives:

Now, therefore, in order to clear up any misconceptions, misunderstandings, and misapprehensions concerning the functions and activities of this body, the national board of the Japanese American Citizens League issues the following statement and declaration of policy:

We, the members of the national board of the Japanese American Citizens League of the United States of America, believe that the policies which govern this organization and our activities as their official representatives are fourfold in nature and are best illustrated by an explanation of the alphabetical sequence of the letters "J-A-C-L."

"J" stands for Justice. We believe that all peoples, regardless of race, color, or creed, are entitled to enjoy those principles of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" which are presumed to be the birthright of every individual; to the fair and equal treatment of all, socially, legislatively, judicially, and economically to the rights, privileges, and obligations of citizenship. To this end, this organization is dedicated.

"A" stands for Americanism. We believe that in order to prove ourselves worthy of the Justice which we seek, we must prove ourselves to be, first of all, good Americans - in thought, in words, in deeds. We believe that we must acquaint ourselves with those traditions, ideals and institutions which made and kept this nation the foremost in the world. We believe that we must live for America - and, if need be, to die for America. To this end, this organization is consecrated.

"C" stands for Citizenship. We believe that we must be exemplary citizens in addition to being good Americans, for, as in the case of our parents, one may be a good American and yet be denied the privilege of citizenship. We believe that we must accept and even seek out opportunities in which to serve our country and to assume the obligations and duties as well as the rights and privileges of citizenship. To this end, this organization is committed.

"L" stands for Leadership. We believe that the Japanese American Citizens League, as the only national organization established to serve the American citizens of Japanese ancestry, is in a position to actively lead the Japanese people residing in the United States. We believe that we have the inspired leadership and membership necessary to carry into living effect the principles of justice, Americanism, and Citizenship for which our league was founded. We offer cooperation and support to all groups and individuals sincerely and legitimately interested in these same aims, but we propose to retain our independent and separate status as the Japanese American Citizens League. To this end, this organization is pledged.

Summed up briefly, the Japanese American Citizens League is devoted to those tasks which are calculated to win for ourselves and our posterity the status outlined by our two national slogans: "For Better Americans in a Greater America" and "Security Through Unity."

Acting Secretary

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