Santa Cruz County History - Executive Order 9066 and the Residents of Santa Cruz County

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To the Editor:
Your insipid and practically anti-democratic editorial in Tuesday evenings paper (regarding return of Japanese) is a sickening display of shoddy thinking to the mind of at least one soldier who has now served his country for over three years.

I am including a clipping from the News and hope you may profit by reading an editor who believes in our constitution and rights to all citizens instead of vested groups.

Perhaps it is too much to expect realistic thinking, or should I say honest, from an appeasement mind.

Let me assure you many, many soldiers are thinking seriously and discussing thoughtfully the problems of our country. We know full well that our form of government has been the best to date, but we do know that it can be improved by group effort. Those of the status quo school, you come too close to this group to be very helpful, are in for a rude shock if they think the American soldier doesn't know what he is fighting for. We are fighting for equal rights for all races and groups; opportunity for all, not those hereditarily fortunate.

I will continue my subscription, though I have never been so furious with an editorial as the one you had the nerve to foist on your readers Tuesday evening.

Your critic for a more democratic country.


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