Santa Cruz County History - Executive Order 9066 and the Residents of Santa Cruz County

Full Text Newspaper ArticleWatsonville Register-Pajaronian. Jan. 20, 1944. p. 1


Sacramento (UP) - The committee on American principles and fair play which included in its objectives maintenance of the "liberties granted in the bill of rights particularly for persons of oriental ancestry" has filed articles of incorporation with the secretary of state's office.

The articles filed by Arthur C. McGuffert, Berkeley, named 13 directors, including Prof. Paul S. Taylor, of the University of California, recently replaced member of the state board of agriculture.

Taylor at a December meeting of the board, introduced a resolution favoring return of Japanese to the west coast when the military situation permitted. The resolution was passed by board members present at the time and denounced the following day by Gov. Earl Warren. This week the board voted to rescind the resolution.

"Legislation to deprive Americans of Japanese descent of their legal rights," the article declared, "would set a precedent for deprivation of other racial groups of their rights, and would weaken the confidence of our allies," particularly in Asia and Latin America.

Assemblyman Chester Gannon, chairman of a legislative committee on Japanese problems, said several of the directors named in the articles were officials of the Pacific coast committee on American Principles and Fair Play, which became the object of a legislative inquiry by Gannon's committee last month.

The directors of the organization listed included Monroe E. Deutsch of Berkeley and Alfred J. Lundberg of Oakland. A Monroe E. Deutsch is a University of California official, and an Alfred J. Lundberg is president of the Key system railway and past president of the California State Chamber of Commerce.

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