Santa Cruz County History - Executive Order 9066 and the Residents of Santa Cruz County

Full Text Newspaper ArticleWatsonville Register-Pajaronian. April 26, 1943. p. 4


Here are the six points of the resolution adopted Friday afternoon by the Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors protesting releasing of Japanese from relocation centers and the inclusion of native born Japanese in the U.S. Army:

1. Following Pearl Harbor Japanese were moved from the coast to permit them to return would again submit us to danger of sabotage and the difficulty of defending our shoreline.
2. Due to the temper of U.S. citizens since Pearl Harbor, release may prove detrimental to the best interests of Japanese.
3. [This point is omitted from both the Watsonville Register-Pajaronian article and the similiar Santa Cruz Sentinel article. Ed.]
4. If they return, cooperation of American agricultural workers could not be expected if they have to associate with Japanese.
5. To allow young Japanese to leave re-location camps to resume their education would be unjust to American youths now fighting for their country.
6. It is the opinion of the board that Japanese should be contributing to the war effort but it feels that it should be in areas removed from the Pacific coast and then under U.S. Army supervision, the resolution concluded: "be it further resolved that the Japanese, both alien and native born should be retained in re-location camps for the duration of the war unless they are placed under direct army control and supervision and engaged in the war effort."

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