Santa Cruz County History - Executive Order 9066 and the Residents of Santa Cruz County

Full Text Newspaper ArticleWatsonville Morning Sun. Dec. 24, 1941. p. 4


(From The Christian Science Monitor)

"Our future lies here in America." Amid the uncertainties created for them by Japanese aggression against the United States, the nisei, or American-born descendants of Japanese parents, are clinging to this point of view.

The lot of the nisei has not been easy. Often it has been very hard and unpleasant. They have faced social and economic discrimination in what is, after all, their native land, their America. Some of them have visited Japan only to find themselves utterly foreign to the homeland of their parents. Their color and stature and some aspects of their religion may relate them vaguely to Japan. But their secular education, their birth, most of the things they like, and virtually all the values they love, tie them fast to the United States.

Public safety, and their own safety, may demand restrictions of their movements. On the west coast their [sic] is much distrust of all people of Japanese extraction. Disclosures from Washington of knowledge of a vast system of Japanese espionage shows there has been little reason to trust many Japanese-born residents. Yet even among these are people who love America.

The attitude of the American public can help to alleviate the distress which innocent bystanders may suffer. Americans can do this without risking their own safety. Strict regulations will have to be applied to all sections of the population that may give aid to the enemy. These rules should be enforced without favor, but without malice. If American citizens express humaneness in their utterances and actions, these will help to temper official attitudes, so that - without impairing the national safety - all true Americans and lovers of America may be permitted to share it.

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