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McGUIRE, JOHN A (1841-1909)

Santa Cruz Surf (June 21, 1909)

Dr. J. A. McGuire Dies Suddenly
While Visiting Jacob Schwan, a Patient

Dr. John A McGuire, on of the best known physicians in the city, died suddenly of heart disease this morning at the resident of a patient, Jacob Schwan, at Twin Lakes, where he had been called.

This morning the physician had been out to see a patient, but had to go home to rest before he could go to Schwan’s. When he reached that place he complained of a pain in his side and asked that he might lie down and rest, which he did, but only to breathe a few times, when he passed away.

Dr. W. H. Keck and Dr. W. R. Congdon were summoned, but on arriving found that Dr. McGuire had already passed away.

The deceased stood high in the medical profession, aspecially [sic] as a surgeon. He was born in Pennsylvania, and practiced a number of years in the oil region, coming to Santa Cruz from Butte, Mont., about twenty years ago.

A beautiful home was built on the Cliff Drive by him, which was sold to W. H. Dingee a few years ago. On Ben Lomond mountain he has a sanitorium and a magnificently situated mountain home. He is also interested in a gold mining company in Trinity county, which he and his sons were developing.

At the time of his death he was about 68 years of age. He leaves a wife and three sons – William, Henry and John.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (June 22, 1909)

Sudden Passing of Dr. McGuire

Dr. McGuire, a physician of high repute, who had honored the profession in this city for the past twenty years, passed away suddenly at the noon hour Monday at the residence of Jacob Schwann, at Twin Lakes, where he had been called on a professional visit.

He had been suffering from a fatigued condition for several days and had gone home to rest a little while before he left for the Schwann residence.

He had only been in the Schwann home a short while when he asked to lay down for a few minutes and rest and he had hardly assumed a reclining posture before he was stricken with death, the cause of his demise being heart trouble.

Medical aid was immediately summoned but before the physicians had arrived he had passed away.

Mrs. McGuire, who a few days before had left for the mountains and was enjoying a short visit at their country home at Ben Lomond with her sons, was telephoned to, and while the family immediately responded to the call arrangements have not yet been made for the funeral.

The doctor was an honored member of the Grand Army of the Republic and besides leaving a wife to mourn his sudden taking, he leaves three sons, Harry, John and William, all of whom have the sympathy of the community in their bereavement.

Santa Cruz Surf (June 22, 1909)

Died – in Santa Cruz, June 21, 1909. Dr. John A. McGuire, a native of Pennsylvania, aged 68 years.

Funeral of the deceased will take place tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon at half past 2 from the Congregational Church. Friends and acquaintences are invited to attend.

I. O. O. F Funeral Notice

The general relief committee meet at the hall at 1:30 tomorrow (Wednesday) for the purpose of attending the funeral of Past Grand A. A. McGuire.

Members of Branciforte and San Lorenzo Lodge and sojourning brothers are invited to attend.
By order of W.P. Staples, President

Santa Cruz Sentinel (June [?], 1909)

The Funeral of Dr. J.A. McGuire

The last sad rites over the remains of Dr. J.A. McGuire were held Wednesday at the Congregational Church, members of the G.A.R. and Odd Fellows participating in the ceremonials.

The County Medical Society also attended in a body as a testimonial of the regard in which he was held.

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