Santa Cruz County History - In the 19th Century

Notes on the 1889 Map of Santa Cruz County by A. J. Hatch
by Peter Nurkse

Official map of Santa Cruz County in 1889
Official map of Santa Cruz County in 1889, compiled by A.J. Hatch
Photograph courtesy of the Library of Congress

This map of Santa Cruz County in 1889 measures 64x26 inches, over five feet wide. It is packed with information, such as property boundaries and the owner names, throughout the entire county. It shows roads in detail, although many of the roads, like the old Coast Road north of Santa Cruz, have been modified or realigned since then. Railroads are shown, and tend to keep the same right of way today. Fifty-four school districts are identified, and detail maps are included of Felton, Capitola, and Valencia.

City of Santa Cruz
Closeup of the City of Santa Cruz
Photograph courtesy of the Library of Congress

The map was created by Andrew Jackson Hatch, a surveyor from San Francisco. The Map Room at the UCSC Library has a copy, but of course it is subject to wear when used. Fortunately Mr. Hatch deposited a copy with the Library of Congress in Washington, for copyright, and now over a century later the Library of Congress has scanned the map and placed the digital file on-line. Anyone can now download the map, study it or print it or use it as they choose, since the copyright has now expired. The Library of Congress only requests that if the map is reproduced credit is given to the Library.

Title - Official Map of Santa Cruz County
Closeup view of map title
Photograph courtesy of the Library of Congress

The title text reads:

Official map of Santa Cruz County 1889
Compiled by A.J. Hatch, C.E. / U.S. government surveys, county surveys and the most reliable public and private data in the office of T.W. Wright, County Surveyor of Santa Cruz County, Cal.

A JPG version of the entire map is available for download. Please note that this is a very large file, and many browsers will not display it correctly. We recommend that you right click this link and choose "Save Link As..." to save the image to your computer before viewing: JPG of the 1889 Map of Santa Cruz compiled by A. J. Hatch. Conversion to JPG format courtesy of Peter Nurkse.

More information and an image download of the full map in JPEG 2000 format can be found at the Library of Congress at this URL:

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