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Old Soldiers: Santa Cruz County Civil War Veterans
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Native California Cavalry (NCC), Bound Records

Photograph of Jose Vincente King
Jose Vincente King

NAME: Jose King
AGE: 19 years
HEIGHT: 5'4"
EYES: Grey
HAIR: Dark
BORN: Santa Cruz, California
ENLISTMENT: April 14, 1865, Drum Barracks
ENLISTED BY: Captain Edward Turner Guadalupe Bale (1844-1906)
TERM: 3 years

Orton’s California Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion

Jose King enlisted in Company D, 1st Battalion Native California Cavalry, California Volunteers at Drum Barracks on April 14 and mustered in April 15, 1865. He mustered out at Drum Barracks March 20, 1866 with his company.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (June 17, 1871)


Another accident from the handling of arms occurred in this vicinity last Sunday afternoon, in which Jose King lost his life. The accident was caused while going through the Spanish Drill with a loaded rifle, in the hands of Jose Morin [or Morris it was illegible] a cousin of the deceased when the gun was brought to “charge bayonets.” The deceased lived about an hour and a half after being shot.

Notes Contributed by Helen B. Collins

The children of Robert King were Jose Vincente Roberto born 1843, Maria Isabella Carmen Estora Roberto born 1845, Maria Susannah De Carmen born 1847 and Juan Baptista born 1849.

There is some question whether Jose Vincente King is buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Santa Cruz. According to Helen B. Collins, a descendant of the King family, he does not appear to have a military headstone. Headstones for volunteers were not authorized until 1879.

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