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HOHMANN, CHARLES S (1841-1901)

Daily Surf (January 19, 1887)

Photograph of Charles S. Hohmann
Charles S. Hohman

Hohmann's Luck

Almost the jolliest man in town Monday evening was C.S. Hohmann. It seems that some two years ago while at Volcano, Amador County, he located a quartz claim. Yesterday he received a letter and a box of specimens from the party hired by him to do the work required by law to hold the claim. The specimens are very rich in gold and will assay away up into the thousands per ton. "And there is lots of the same kind of rock in sight," so says the letter. Hohmann is greatly elated with his good prospect and will visit Volcano immediately to learn the extent of his good fortune.

Santa Cruz Surf (February 7, 1901)

Death of Mr. Charles S. Hohmann

Mr. Charles S. Hohmann died this afternoon just as the Surf goes to press. Mr. Hohmann has been a popular citizen of Santa Cruz for nearly twenty years.

Santa Cruz, Sentinel (February 8, 1901)

Passed Away
Death of C.S. Hohmann at His Home on Locust St. Hill

Shortly after three o'clock Thursday afternoon C.S. Hohmann died at his home on Locust St. Hill, after a short illness of typhoid pneumonia. The news came as a surprise to his many friends, for few knew that his illness had taken a dangerous turn on the day mentioned. Mr. Hohmann first visited Santa Cruz with the Knights Templars about twenty years ago. It will be remembered that the Knights came from the East to attend the conclave in San Francisco, were royally entertained in Santa Cruz. Mr. Hohmann who was a member of the Commandery in Bloomington, Illinois was so impressed with the hospitality of the people of this city, as well as its natural attractions, that he decided to locate here.

Nineteen years ago he arrived here with his family and engaged in business. Recently he had been in the employ of G.A. Deiter.

When very young he came to this country from Germany, locating in Illinois, During the Civil War he was a member of a regiment of that state. After the war closed he made his residence in Bloomington, where he was in business. He also was one of the leading musicians of that city. His popularity was attested by his election as Tax Collector of Bloomington. He had an opportunity of being a candidate for other positions, but did not have political aspirations, so declined the honors sought to be given him.

Mr. Hohmann always had a fondness for music. For some years he was a member of Hastings Band and Orchestra. He was a member of the Grand Army for many years, serving in various official positions.

Charley Hohmann, as he was best known, was a generous, big-hearted man. If he could do his friends a favor it afforded him pleasure to do so. He did not have an enemy, for he was genial by nature and always trying to make it pleasant for all with whom he came in contact. He always had a cheery word and looked on the bright side of affairs. Optimistic he was never pessimistic. His courage never failed him, for no matter how discouraging things may have looked in a financial way, he was buoyed up by the hope of brighter days to come. Words of encouragement, he gave, rather than the contrary. He was a good citizen an honest man.

He was a member of the Airions, with whom he loved to mingle, for he was happiest when congeniality reigned and songs and music helped to make the hours pleasant.

The deceased leaves a widow and daughter, Miss Maud Hohmann, who is now in Boston, Mass. George and Scott Hastings were his brothers in law.

Santa Cruz Surf (February 9, 1901)

Funeral of C.S. Hohmann

The funeral services for the late Charles S. Hohmann were conducted at his late residence this afternoon by the Arion Singing Society, of which organization he was a valued member, and at the grave by the United Ancient Order of Druids, many member of the order being present from out of town.

Unidentified Newspaper Advertisement

For the finest cold lunches, sandwiches, etc. call C.S. Hohmann's resort. Entrance the same as that to the Harris House, opposite the County Bank. The celebrated Philadelphia Lager on ice, on draught. Fine imported cigars, and the finest stock of liquors in the city. C.S. Hohmann.

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