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Old Solders: Santa Cruz County Civil War Veterans
by Robert L. Nelson

HOGUE, JOSEPH D ( Dates Unknown )

Mountain Echo (May 27, 1905)

Letter from Jos. D. Hogue

Kirkwood, Ill., May 12th 1905:

Editor Mountain Echo-- As I am still in Illinois, and still getting the dear old "Echo" each week, I thought I would write a few short items that would let your readers and my many friends know of my whereabouts since last you heard from me, and of my intentions in the near future, if nothing happens to prevent.

I left off nursing the old Doctor the 3rd of March and then went to Indiana to visit my sister and family. I spent the month of March in that neck of the woods visiting friends and relatives. As it is the old birthplace of my father who was born in 1809, tho' I had never been there before, there were a great many sights that I had often listened to hear my father speak of when I was a small boy. Saw the house where he and my mother were made man and wife. I also visited several mills where nothing but hard wood lumber is cut into boards for factory use, such as wheel and furniture making. This part of Indiana where I was Southeastern, 28 miles from Evansville on the Ohio River, Gilson county, Princeton being the county seat. The populations is 10,000. There the Southern Railway has its car shops which employ 400 to 600 men. Also very extensive coalmines are located here. Also a glass factory and other smaller factories of different kinds. I left there on April 11th to visit an uncle and aunt at Cutter Ills., that I had not seen since 1868. They are aged 89 and 87 years and quite spry. They live with a daughter on a farm two miles from Cutter, in Southern Illinois, or what is known as Egypt. From there I went to St. Louis and was met at the Union station by a friend who took me to his home and I stayed there a day and night. From there I went to Peoria, Ill., and stayed over Sunday with a cousin who is the head clerk in a pickle factory and doing well. From there I came to Galesburg to visit my brother who is a conductor on the C.B. & Q R.R. Had a good time in all those visits but am getting tired doing nothing. I am stopping with my brother Henry who lives in the above town, but am going to Chicago next week to get my eyes doctored again and if I have good luck will reach California or Washington about July 4th or earlier. So hoping that everything is going on in a progressive manner in the city or Boulder Creek, I shall remain as ever...Joseph D. Hogue.

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