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Santa Cruz County Hospital Records

Headstone of John D Green
John D. Green
Evergreen Cemetery

John D Green, a 69-year-old laborer, born in Pennsylvania, was admitted to the County Hospital for alcoholism on January 27, 1899 and then released.

Santa Cruz Surf (June 2, 1903)

John Green, an old soldier and a well-known character about town, was found dead on June 2, 1903 around Cowell's point in Santa Cruz.

The body was found lying between two rocks, face downward about a hundred yards beyond the wharf. He was barefooted and his trousers were rolled up as if he had been wading, and he was without his coat and vest. Fresh blood about the mouth indicated that he had not been dead long.

It was reported that Green had met a young man on the street the night before and offered him some tobacco and saying, "I will need it no more as I am going to the wharf, and jump over and drown myself."

John Green was a veteran of the Civil War and had been making an attempt to secure a pension. He was 73 years old and a native of Pennsylvania.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (June 3, 1903)

DIED: GREEN, In Santa Cruz June 2d, John D. Green, a native of Pennsylvania aged 73 years.

The funeral of deceased will take place this Wednesday afternoon at four o'clock from Wessendorf and Stafflers undertaking parlors. Friends are invited to attend.

Appears To Be Suicide

On Tuesday morning the body of John Green was found by L. Lorenzen between two rocks, face downward, about a hundred yards from Cowell's wharf. The deceased was barefooted and without coat or vest. Judging from threats he had made of taking his life, it appears to be a case of suicide. He told a young man Monday evening that he would jump off the wharf and drown himself. Green was a veteran of the Civil War, serving in a Kansas regiment and in the regular army. He had applied for a pension. For some years he had been employed in looking after gardens.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (June 4, 1903)

Had not the late John Green enlisted in the army under the name of John Daily he would have received over $400 due him on a pension. For two years he had been seeking a pension, but owing to his change of name he failed to receive it. Once an examiner came here to interview him so that his identity could be proven. He asked Green regarding a quarrel the latter had with his Captain, and the result was that Green refused to answer any questions.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (August 19, 1903)

On Friday announcement was received to the effect that John Green, whose body was found on the rocks near Cowell point some months ago was entitled to a pension of $10 a month and four years back pension.

Editorial Notes from Robert L. Nelson (September 12, 2001)

I conducted a thorough review of pension records at the National Archives in San Bruno California for all combinations of the names John Green and John Da(i)ley who were soldiers of Kansas and other units. It is my belief that the John D Green buried in Evergreen was the individual listed below:

NARA's Pacific Region (San Francisco)
1000 Commodore Drive
San Bruno, California 94066-2350
Phone: 650-876-9001
Fax: 650-876-9233

T288 General Index to Pension Files 1861-1934 (Cabinet 45 drawer 1 to 4)

Applicant: John D Green (Alias Daniel Daley)

G Co. 2nd MO LA
H Co 10th Tenn. INF.
I Co 10 US Inf (Old War)

Application Filed December 23, 1898

Application # 1215067

Remarks C252633

Certificate # 1063796

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