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Old Soldiers: Santa Cruz County Civil War Veterans
by Robert L. Nelson

GOULD, CHESSMAN (1921-1887)

Santa Cruz Surf (March 4, 1887)

Headstone of Chessman Gould
Chessman Gould
IOOF Cemetery in Santa Cruz

C. Gould the father of the Gould Brothers Confectioners is lying in a very critical condition.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (March 5, 1887)

In the death of Chessman Gould, for a few months a citizen of this city but for many years a resident of Santa Cruz County, his home nestling amid the vine clad hills and native forest above and beyond Scotts Valley, this people lose a brave soldier who fought for his country when defeat meant disunion, a sterling patriot whose principles never changed and whose allegiance to the post of his companions was undying and whose integrity was unimpeachable during his tarrying among us went unchallenged. Yesterday he was an applicant for the Santa Cruz Postmaster, trusting that though he was an outspoken Republican, the Civil Service Cleveland would give an old soldier a federal appointment did not come, but death did, and tomorrow his companion in arms with muffled drums and trailing banners, will lay his remains to rest on the peaceful margin of the San Lorenzo, with no enemies to make the afraid or cannon roar to disturb the Sabbath stillness of a March day in the land of sunshine and flowers.

Santa Cruz Surf (March 5, 1887)

Burial of Capt. Gould

Capt. Chessman Gould was buried Sunday afternoon from his late residence on Lincoln St. under the auspices of the WHL Wallace Post GAR of which he was a member. Religious services were held at the residence, Rev. M Willett, officiating, after which the funeral cortege was formed. The services at the grave were; prayer by Comrade Martindale of the WHL Wallace Post, song by choir, "My Country Tis of Thee", and remarks by Comrade Sutphen. Upon the coffin Comrade A. Lunt placed a wreath of evergreen, Comrade Hohmann a wreath of roses, Comrade Nichols a spray of laurel. The coffin was lowered in the grave, the choir sang "Cover him over" and Rev. M. Willet pronounced benediction. Firing party then fired three volleys over the grave and the last tribute was paid.

After the service the military marched in ranks to Pacific Ave. At the Pacific Ocean House the Wallace Post came to a halt, with open ranks, saluting Reynolds Post as they marched by.

In front of their barracks the Reynolds Post returned the courtesies of their brothers of the GAR.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (March 6, 1887)

The late Chessman Gould was born in Leeds, Kennebec County, Maine, in 1821, and in 1847 left his native state for Minnesota, and from the latter State he came to California. He had an honorable war record, enlisting at Fort Snelling, Minnesota, on October 8, 1861, in Co. D. 4th regiment of Minnesota Volunteers. He was discharged from service on April 19, 1865, with the rank of captain. He was in many important engagements among which may be mentioned the battles of Corinth, Iuka and Vicksburg. The deceased was a member of Wallace Post G.A.R.

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