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Old Soldiers: Santa Cruz County Civil War Veterans
by Robert L. Nelson

GLOVER, ASA (1811-1881)

Record of California Men in the War of the Rebellion

Headstone of Asa Glover
Asa Glover
Evergreen Cemetery

Asa Glover enlisted in Co K of the 5th California Infantry on Oct 21 1861 as a Private and was mustered out at Las Cruces New Mexico on Nov. 27 1864.

Santa Cruz County Great Register (1866)

Asa Glover, a resident of Soquel, age 55, a native of New Hampshire, whose occupation was listed as a laborer was registered on October 1, 1868.

Santa Cruz County Great Register (1892)

Asa Glover, a resident of Santa Cruz, age 69, a native of New Hampshire, whose occupation was listed as a laborer, was registered in Santa Cruz on June 2, 1880. A cancellation notation indicated as a reason "cancelled 10/13/82 dead".

Santa Cruz Sentinel (February 26, 1881)

DIED - GLOVER: At the hospital, Asa Glover aged 70 years of cancer of the liver and lungs.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (June 3,1892)

Listed: Asa Glover, a member of the 5th California infantry was buried in Evergreen cemetery. [Beginning with May 27 1897, throughout subsequent years he is identified as buried in the G.A.R. Plot of Evergreen.]

Editorial Notes from Robert L. Nelson (November 2000)

While Asa Glover died 3 years before the G.A.R. acquired the plot (December 1884), the following is the rationalization used for the placing a headstone for Asa Glover at that location.

  1. Asa Glover, according to all cemetery and newspaper records is buried at Evergreen.
  2. He meets the qualifications for a government marker because of his period of service.
  3. His original marker (if any) has disappeared and needs to be replaced.
  4. The Santa Cruz Sentinel Memorial Day listings of 1897, written by his contemporaries, believed or knew that he was buried in the G.A.R. plot.
  5. The arrangements of graves by death date within the G.A.R. plot leave only limited areas for possible consideration. The one selection could have been occupied before the later burial pattern had developed

The Lincoln Camp #10 of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War inherited the plot from the GAR in 1956. It was their determination, based upon the G.A.R. burial plan, that the bottom row, left hand corner would have been the most likely location of Asa Glover’s grave. A headstone was ordered in November 2000.

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