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Old Soldiers: Santa Cruz County Civil War Veterans
by Robert L. Nelson

FOSTER, THOMAS (1848 - ?)

Santa Cruz Sentinel (May 28, 1929)

Nineteen Survivors of the Early Wars Will Be Guests of Honor this Memorial Day

Thomas Foster

Comrade Foster had to run away from home to enlist in the army and was disappointed because he was never able to arrange it so that he could get into a fighting unit. Most of the time was spent fighting Indians and this did not consist of battles.

Much cold was experienced on the trips made into the mountains trying to get at the Indians, but no real fighting was experienced.

Enlisting in 1864, when 16 years of age he is now 81. He came to the west to get away from the extreme cold in the east so that is why he is here in California.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (June 4, 1929)

Wallace Reynolds G.A.R. Meeting

It was with regrets we learned from Sr. Vice Commander Thomas Foster that he and his wife are soon to move from Santa Cruz. They are going to reside in Pasco Washington, where their son lives. Comrade Foster has been an efficient active member of this post for 25 years.

Editorial Notes from Robert L. Nelson (November 2000)

The Santa Cruz Sentinel indicated, in the 1930 obituary of Thomas Foster's wife Nettie, that they had moved in January of 1930 to Pasco Washington where she died.

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