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Old Soldiers: Santa Cruz County Civil War Veterans
by Robert L. Nelson

DOW, FRANKLIN W (1830-1892)

A Compendium to the War of the Rebellion, Frederick H. Dyer

Headstone of Franklin W Dow
Franklin W. Dow
Evergreen Cemetery

Company H 7th California Regiment of Infantry

This company was raised by Captain James W. Smith at Bear Valley, and was mustered into the United States service at San Francisco, January 10, 1865 where it remained until May 1865. It was then stationed at Ft. Yuma, Cal during the balance of its term of service, and was mustered out at Drum Barracks, Cal March 1, 1866. There are no records showing the activity of this company.

Organized at large October to December, 1864. Attached to Dept. of the Pacific. Companies "A", "C", and "K" ordered from San Francisco to Camp Drum, Southern California, March 1865. Companies "A" and "K" to Fort Yuma. Company "C" to Fort Mojave. Regiment moved to District of Arizona June 1865, and duty there. Stationed at various posts, till June, 1866. Mustered out June 28, 1866.

Santa Cruz County Hospital Records

Franklin W. Dow a 62 year old laborer who was born in Maine was admitted to the County Hospital on Feb 16, 1892 as a result of LaGrippe (flu). He died on Feb 25, 1892.

Santa Cruz Surf (February 26, 1892)

Died in Santa Cruz February 25, 1892, F.W. Dow, a native of Maine aged 64. F.W. Dow, an old soldier of the War of the Rebellion, aged 64 died yesterday at the County Hospital. He will be buried on Sunday under the auspices of W.H.L. Wallace Post G.A.R.

Death records indicate that Franklin W. Dow, a Liveryman died at age 62 of Pneumonia and La Grippe on 02/22/1892.

Santa Cruz Surf (February 26, 1892)

Shifting Sands

F.W. Dow, an old soldier of the War of the Rebellion, aged 64 years died yesterday at the County Hospital. He will be buried on Sunday under the auspices of W.H.L. Wallace Post GAR.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (February 26, 1892)

Sentinel Jottings

Franklin Ward Dow who died in Santa Cruz Thursday of La Grippe was a resident of Santa Cruz County for over twenty-five years. In the early sixties Dow had charge of the stage horses of Colgrove and Coffin in Scotts Valley and after the narrow gauge supplemented the stage company Dow entered the employ of G. Irwin and Martin, Liverymen, and after they were burned out he had charge of some horses on Park St. up to the time of his demise. The deceased was a member of a California Regiment during the war and stationed in Arizona to hold the Indians in check. The funeral of the deceased will take place Sunday under the auspices of W.H.L.W. GAR.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (March 2, 1892)

G.A.R. Notes

Ed. Sentinel- the old soldiers are fast passing away, and each year, day and week some of these patriots who volunteered in the service of his country is called home to answer to roll call, before the Supreme Commander, before the great white throne. Sunday the remains of F.W. Dow were laid to rest under the auspices of W.H.L. Wallace Post, assisted by loving comrades from J.F. Reynolds Post No. 98.

Deceased was a member of a California regiment during the late war and was honorably discharged therefrom.

Many comrades fell into line as the funeral cortege filed away, under escort of a squad of Sons of Veterans from Lincoln Camp, No. 10 of this city, and a portion of the drum corps. Many of us were carried back to days long gone as the fife struck up the funeral march, accompanied by the drum corps. We recollected the long trenches filled with our noble dead, or the dear shipmate who as sliding off a grating into the deep blue sea. And so the cortege took its way over the hill to the cemetery of W.H.L. Wallace Post, where these comrades of the late war performed the last acts of kindness for the departed. Commander M.S. Patterson, of W.H.L. Wallace Post, presided over the fitting ceremonies of the hour, while the Chaplain, in the language of the ritual, paid a just tribute to our dead. After this appropriate hymns were sung by women of the Shenandoah Circle, ladies of the G.A.R., after which a firing party composed of members of W.H.L. Wallace and J.F. Reynolds Post proceeded to fire the salute for the dead. Taken all together this scene was most appropriate, and was conducted in a spirit of Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty. Many Thanks are returned for the carriages furnished from the Lincoln Stables for the fragrant flowers contributed for the occasion.......The Army and Navy. [Probably written by Isaac Blaisdell]

Editorial Notes from Robert L. Nelson

Franklin Dow enlisted as a Private in Co H of the 7th California Regiment of Infantry at Bear Valley California on Nov 9th 1864 and was mustered out with the company at Drum Barracks on March 1, 1866.

NARA Pension/Military Research (October 10, 2003)

Franklin Dow who was 62 years old at the time of his pension application Dec. 15, 1891 was listed as being 5'8 1/2" and weighing 155 lbs. His application indicated that he had lost the use of his left leg and partial loss of the right due to scrofula (a tuberculatory condition) and was unable to do manual work.

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