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Old Soldiers: Santa Cruz County Civil War Veterans
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CAMPBELL, MURDOCK (1830 -1890)

Santa Cruz Great Register (1882)

Headstone of Murdock Campbell
Murdock Campbell
Old Holy Cross Cemetery

Murdock Campbell- Age 51- Native of Ireland- Tailor- Residing in Santa Cruz- was naturalized in San Francisco Sept. 09, 1867 and registered in Santa Cruz 09/13/1882.

Records of Members of the Grand Army of the Republic, William Ward

MURDOCK CAMPBELL was born in Ireland; has been and still is a tailor. Enlisted May 1, 1861, in the 24th Pennsylvania Infantry, a three months' regiment; re-enlisted in August of the same year in the 69th Pennsylvania Regiment; served as private, corporal, sergeant, orderly sergeant, sergeant major and 2nd Lieutenant, commission dating May 30 1863; was attached to the 2d Brigade, 2d Division, 2d Army Corps; took part in all the battles in Virginia in which his regiment was engaged except the first Bull Run and Petersburg; in the battle of Spottsylvania was wounded; gunshot wound in the right ear, a saber cut in the left cheek and scalp; was honorably discharged from the service October 29, 1864, on account of wounds received in action. Comrade Campbell is a member of WHL Wallace Post GAR of Santa Cruz, CA, where he resides; is at present junior vice commander of the post.

Letter from Dr. C.L. Anderson to the Pension Commissioner of Santa Cruz (March 31, 1878)

Dear Sir, The applicant Murdock Campbell is unfortunately addicted to periodic spells of drunkenness. The pension should it be allowed would do him or his family no good unless it could be controlled by his wife who is a very worthy woman with a large family to support.

Cannot the pension be made payable to his wife? Or to some other person for the benefit of his family?

Please inform me in regard to this and advise what would be the proper course to secure this arrangement.

Editor's Note: Dr. Anderson's examination confirmed that Murdock Campbell had received a gunshot wound near the ear which impaired hearing, a scalp wound, and a saber cut.

Santa Cruz Surf (July 24, 1890)

An Old Resident Gone

Murdock Campbell, an old resident of Santa Cruz died night-before-last at his residence in East Santa Cruz, after being ill since Sunday of congestion of the brain. He has lived in Santa Cruz many years following his trade of tailor, and leaves a family of five, 3 daughters and two sons.

Mr. Campbell served in the War of the Rebellion as Second Lieutenant in Co. B. 69th Regiment of Pennsylvania volunteer infantry of 1863, and was respected by his fellow citizens.

His funeral will be held today at the family residence on Cayuga St. East Santa Cruz.

DIED: CAMPBELL, in Santa Cruz July 22, 1890 Murdock Campbell, a native of Scotland, aged 50 years and 3 months.

Funeral services will take place today at 2:00 PM from the family residence on Caledonia Street, East Santa Cruz. Members of the W.H.L. Wallace and J.R. Reynolds Post G.A.R. and friends respectfully invited to attend.

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