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Old Soldiers: Santa Cruz County Civil War Veterans
by Robert L. Nelson

BURNETT, ISAAC T (1818-1877)

Santa Cruz Sentinel (September 1, 1877)

The many friends and acquaintances of Mr. Isaac T. Burnett, who with his family, for many years was a resident of Santa Cruz, will regret to learn of his death, which occurred at Karns City, Pennsylvania, on Monday the 16 day of July, 1877. Mr. Burnett removed from Santa Cruz to Pennsylvania in the winter of 1870, his family having preceded him to that state the previous summer. For several years he resided in the city of Erie, Pa., and in the capacity of Engineer was engaged in several important manufacturing establishments in that city. Owing to failing health he was compelled to renounce his work, and he removed to Burton Geanga county, Ohio, where his parents reside, and for two years he remained in that place. Last October he removed to Karns City in the oil region, and while at his daughters, Mrs. Dempsey, the third week of December last he was attacked with paralysis in the right side. He partially rallied, under the care of the first physician of the place a partly recovered the use of his limb, but not of his once strong right arm. About two months ago he began growing weaker, and for the three weeks preceding his death he was confined to his bed. After the first few weeks of his illness he never murmured or complained, and he was resigned to the will of Divine Providence. His end was peaceful, and his sorrowing and mourning family and friends do not mourn for him as those do who have no hope. The Rev. Mr. Peters, of the M.E. Church visited and conversed with the deceased during his illness, and Mr. B. seemed to appreciate the services and ministrations of the servant of God. Mr. Burnett was 59 years of age July 24th. Mr. Burnett was a true and loyal man, he was of a kindly disposition, and took far more pleasure in advancing the interests of others than he did of his own. He loved his country, and in the dark hour of the nations struggle with treason: he volunteered as a soldier and entered the service. For services he then rendered the Union cause he was justly entitled to rewards that he never put in a claim for. In the war with Mexico he was an active soldier under Gen Taylor, and was wounded in one of the battles. He was always of the opinion that his constitution was broken down in consequence of the wounds he received in the Mexican war, yet for those services he never advanced any claim for pension. He was a true man, a kind and affectionate husband, an obliging neighbor and man of rigid unbending honesty and integrity. He was a true temperance man, and a believer in the sublime truths of the Christian religion, and on these truths he stayed his soul in the trying hour of nature's dissolution. Peace to his memory J.A.D. Girard , PA August 1877.

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