Santa Cruz County History - Architecture

Early History of the Carmelita Cottages: Notes and Bibliography
by Rick Hyman


  1. According to the dates given in John Chase's Sidewalk Companion only 917-919 Third Street (1870-71) and possibly the Terrace Court office and one or two other structures on Beach Hill pre-date the front cottages.
  2. Stanley Stevens to Rick Hyman, personal conversation. [Stevens, Map Librarian, University of California-Santa Cruz, has made a study of the Jacob Rink Snyder 1847 map, Town of Santa Cruz (see Maps, below), and the controversy surrounding land ownership of Santa Cruz, 1847-1866.] Snyder was an early resident of Santa Cruz, later he was an elected delegate from the Sacramento District to the 1849 Constitutional Convention in Monterey (the only surveyor, having served as the Surveyor-General of the Middle District of California; he also held several important posts in the early years of California, including that of State Senator from San Francisco in 1851).
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  9. Santa Cruz Surf 15 June 1894, 3:2 and 28 October 1897, 4:1. These articles together with the Deeds disprove the popular contention that Roberts lived on the Cottages property. However, since he did live next door, he might have had a hand in the construction of those structures built before his death.
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  11. Captain Dame's namesake was a director of three San Francisco Bay Area railroad companies in the early 1860s. Although the Riptide Centennial Edition for October 19, 1950 indicates that these two Dames were one and the same, Census information (e.g., railroader Dame was born in New York and was a lawyer), and signature comparison strongly suggest otherwise.
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  16. It is possible that this transaction was a legal maneuver that enabled Mary Dame to continue living there, since the transfer was to her sister and husband for a nominal sum.
  17. The entry showing the Hannahs living there may be in error, unless it represented a temporary situation, since for many years they lived on Second Street on Beach Hill.
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  29. Riptide Centennial Edition for October 19, 1950 says of Dame, "His fortune subsequently dwindled and he was reduced to laboring in Felton. "More research would be necessary to confirm this economic status contention. Some sources say he owned a ranch in Felton, but the Deeds do not confirm this.
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This article is a revision of the article originally published in Every Structure Tells a Story: How to Research the History of a Property in Santa Cruz County. Santa Cruz, CA, Santa Cruz County Historical Trust, 1990. Copyright 1990 Santa Cruz County Historical Trust. Revised material copyright 1996 Rick Hyman. Reproduced by permission of the Santa Cruz County Historical Trust and the author.

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