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BALDING, BERNARD R (1846-1911)

Sawtelle Soldiers Home Records

Photograph of Bernard R. Balding
Bernard R. Balding

NAME: Bernard R Balding

Military History

RANK/CO/UNIT: Pvt./K Co/46 OH Infantry
ENLISTMENT: 1861/12/24 Van Wirt, Ohio
DISCHARGED: 1864/01/01 Scottsboro, AL Re-enlistment
RE-ENLISTMENT: 1864/01/01
RNK/CO/UNIT: Pvt/Co K/46 OH Infantry
DISCHARGED: 1865/07/22 Columbus Ohio End of War
DISABILITY: Chronic articular rheumatism 1906 Mare Island, CA

Domestic History

BORN: Ohio (1846?)
AGE: 60
HT/CMP/EYE/HR: 6'/Lt, Bl, Gr/Literate
RELIGION: Protestant
NEXT OF KIN: Mary Balding 316 Ocean St. Santa Cruz

Home History

ADMISSION: 1907/04/27
DISCHARGED: 1907/05/22 Own Request

General Remarks


Santa Cruz Daily Surf (April, 1911)

A Warrant for Insanity

A warrant has been issued and officers are on the lookout for Bernard R. Balding, an old soldier, who is well known here, and who was the one who deposited the $100 for the coming of Dr. Gentry the alleged divine healer. For a number of years Mr. Balding has been failing in health.

Unidentified Santa Cruz Paper (April 9, 1911) Contributed by Phil Reader

Old Soldier's Sad Condition

Bernard R. Balding, an aged veteran of the Civil War and a well-known and good citizen has become mentally incapacitated through long sickness and on Saturday was taken in charge by the officers awaiting an examination to determine his case. Mr. Balding has a mania for wandering, and when the impulse seizes him will leave his bed at night and start on a tour of the streets. Saturday morning his wanderings took him all over the East Side and Seabright and as far as Arana Gulch.

Unidentified Santa Cruz Paper (April 1911)

Old Soldier Goes to Agnews

Drs. W. H. Keck and E.P. Vaux examined Bernard R. Balding, the old soldier, on Monday, finding him to be of unsound mind. His mania was to wander about aimlessly. Judge Smith committed the man to the State Hospital at Agnews, where it is to be hoped by his many friends that he will be restored by proper treatment, which the state is able to give.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (April 21, 19ll)

B.R. Balding Passes Away

Bernard R. Balding, the old soldier who was sent to Agnews a few days ago, died at that institution Thursday morning, and his body was brought to this city. He was an old and respected resident of this city, 65 years of age, being a carpenter by trade. He is survived by a wife and daughter Grace.

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