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Old Soldiers: Santa Cruz County Civil War Veterans
by Robert L. Nelson

ANGEL, THOMAS G (1836-1908)

Sawtelle Soldiers Home Records

NAME: Thomas G Angel

Military History

RANK/CO/UNIT: Pvt Co I 171 OH Infantry
ENLISTMENT: 1864/04/27 Windham OH
DISCHARGED: 1864/08/20 Johnson Island NY End of Service
RE-ENLISTMENT: RNK/CO/UNIT: DISCHARGED: DISABILITY: Torn ligaments Left knee, partial hemophlegia, hypertrophy prostate, senility

Domestic History

BORN: New York (1836?)
AGE: 70
HT/CMP/EYE/HR: 5'10 Lt Bl Gr Literate
RELIGION: Protestant
NEXT OF KIN: Emmett Angel (son) Oakland

Home History

ADMISSION: 1906/09/14 1908/07/29
DISCHARGED: 1907/09/11 Transfer to SW Branch
DATE OF DEATH: 1908/11/06
CAUSE OF DEATH: Mitral aortic insufficiency

General Remarks

PENSION CERT : 833,492
EFFECTS: Cash $10
HOW DISPOSED OF: Turned over to J.W. Angel
BURIAL INFO: Body moved to Findlay, Ohio for burial.

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