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A Southern Pacific Advertisement, 1901--Colonist Tickets Will Be Sold to California

[In the Library's collection of historical pamphlets is an Advertisement from the Southern Pacific railroad company. It is printed on both sides of heavy stock and folds in half. It looks as if it was intended as a mailer. Half of the outside has space and lines for an address. The other half of the outside is a photomontage of beach scenes. On the inside there is a photomontage of agricultural scenes with the following text. RAP--ed.]

Colonist Tickets Will Be Sold to California
via the Southern Pacific


From Chicago : : : : : : : : : : $30.00

From St. Louis, Memphis or New Orleans : $27.50

From Kansas City, St. Joseph, Omaha, Council Bluffs or Sioux City : : : : : : : $25.00


Seek a Santa Cruz Home in California.

Santa Cruz County is situated midway between the northern and southern boundaries of the State, bordering on the shore of Monterey Bay. The climate is an ideal one; there is no enervating heat, no extreme cold; the air is full of ozone and is bracing at all seasons. Though limited in area the topography of Santa Cruz County is such as to give an infinite variety to her industries and productions. It is easy for a person of small means to make a home, find congenial occupation and gain a livelihood in this land of almost perpetual sunshine and flowers. Lumbering and dairying are extensively carried on. Hay, grain, potatoes and the whole range of cereals and vegetables yield enormous and unfailing crops without irrigation. Pears, prunes, peaches, plums, apricots, lemons, oranges, cherries, figs, walnuts, persimmons, olives and nectarines thrive, and the size, quality and yield of apples are significant of the fitness of the soil for the crop. Small fruits, such as strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, Logan berries, etc., flourish and the wines of the county are winning fame in the markets of the world. Table grapes of excellent quality are extensively grown. The sugar beet industry is profitable; market gardening offers a broad field; poultry raising needs fostering; deep sea fishing is an important pursuit.

The California Powder Works are located here. Santa Cruz leather has an established reputation. Lime and cement are extensively manufactured. The bituminous rock industry gives employment to many. Prospects for oil are most encouraging and active development is now in progress in several promising fields.


with a population of 6000 is decidedly metropolitan. The city owns its own waterworks and electric light plant and has a complete sewer system. It has also all the modern utilities, electric lights, gas works, telephones, electric fire alarm system, street cars and public library, together with handsome public buildings, schoolhouses, churches and elegant and commodious hotels. Two lines of the Southern Pacific connect the city with the outside world and water communication is supplied by steamship lines. For further information write or call on any SOUTHERN PACIFIC AGENT or the SANTA CRUZ BOARD Of TRADE.

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