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School Honors for Girls

[In the Library's collection are issues from 1908 to 1913 of Santa Cruz High School's monthly newspaper, the Trident. The following editorial gives us some sense of the young women's activities and status at the High School. Note: In school publications of the time, the Delphia and the Forum are called either debating or literary societies. The Delphia appears to have been for women; the Forum was for men. RAP-ed.]

The subject of granting the girls of Santa Cruz High School some of our important offices is a new one. But it is one that deserves consideration. The girls in this school have never held what we called our most important and honorary offices, such as editor of the "Trident" or president of the Student Body. Instead, they have been given such offices as art editor or literary editor, but these positions are not the best we have to offer.

There is no reason why they boys should always be the leaders at school. In our state do not the women have the same right as the men to vote? And would it not be an excellent plan to give the girls a chance to make use of their capabilities as leaders? We do at school what we hope to do on a larger scale in life. Among these efforts is the one to make ourselves good citizens. In trying to do this, we have organized under a constitution, elected officers, established a method of election, and, in short, done much to make school life preparatory for community life.

Now that the citizens of our state have progressed far enough in giving the women suffrage, we, the citizens of Santa Cruz High School, ought to follow their good example and give the girls the right to hold public offices.

We can all see that the girls would be just as capable as the boys in holding these positions. Let us draw conclusions from our own school life. Our societies that best show the members' powers as leaders are the Forum and the Delphia. I am sure that we all agree that the Delphia has entertained the Student Body as well as the Forum has. In fact, the Delphia has rendered several interesting programs since the Forum was last heard from. They, that is, the members of the Delphia, have all worked hard to gain new members, they have taken up many new subjects, but best of all, they have frequently informed the Student Body of their progress, and urged greater interest in their society. Perhaps the boys have worked just as hard, but they have not shown themselves as full of "push and go" as the Delphia has.

The society that best shows the capability of the girls in business matters is the Girls' Athletic Association. The basketball team has gone to neighboring towns to play, and has brought other teams here, and they have managed their affairs very nicely, and have shown themselves just as competent as the boys in these matters.

Do not these business-like achievements prove that the girls are capable of being our leaders? If the girls knew that a great deal of responsibility lay with them, their interest in school affairs would increase. There would be a keener spirit of rivalry between them and the boys, and this would lead to a greater interest for both, to better mutual support and more unified and stronger school spirit. As a result our school would be benefited, and our standard of fairness and equality raised.

Last, but not least, is the benefit that the girls themselves would receive. By taking a greater part in school affairs the girls would be capable to take an important part in the community in later life, and in every way we should be better fitted as citizens of Santa Cruz and of the United States.

This chance would require no sacrifice from the boys. To the contrary, it would be to their benefit, for the girls have new ideas and plans that can be worked out a great deal easier if the efforts of both the girls and the boys were combined.

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