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School News: An excerpt from the September, 1912 issue of the "Trident"

[In the Library's collection are issues of the High School's monthly newspaper, the "Trident. " from 1908 to 1913. Below is the School News section from the first issue of the Fall term, September 1912. It gives us a sense of school life at that time. RAP-ed. ]


Photo of Santa Cruz High
[Santa Cruz high school, built in 1895,
stood at at Walnut Avenue and California Streets.
It burned down in 1913].

After three months of delightful vacation, we are all glad to be back once more in dear old Santa Cruz Hi. We find in the upper classes several new students, and as usual many Freshmen. We sincerely hope that these young folk will become important factors in the life of the school.

We welcome two new teachers into our faculty - Miss G.D. Temple, formerly of Clovis High School, California, as teacher of the modern languages; and Miss Lyles, recently graduated from the Santa Barbara School of Domestic Arts, as teacher of sewing. The course in sewing is proving very interesting to those taking it. The girls expect to make during the year a complete wardrobe, including the trimming of their winter hats. A room has been well equipped for this work.

At last our dream of a stage has been realized. Although we had hoped for a bigger auditorium, we are grateful to the Board of Education for what they have done. The Glee Clubs expect to christen the new stage by presenting the latter part of the month a cantata of flowers, for the benefit of the football fund. The boys of the team have charge of the affair, and judging from the enthusiasm on the part of the boys, it will be both a financial and a social success. Special scenery is being painted for the occasion.

A few days after the opening of school the Senior Class held a lively meeting, at which time the following officers were chosen for this term: President, Alta Kratzenstein; Vice President, Frances McMurray; Secretary-Treasurer, Fern Wilkins, and S.B. Rep., Perle Asmussen. With such officers as these, the class should be as progressive as that of last year.

The class of '12 have filled a long felt want by providing a beautiful Boston fern and brass jardiniere for the small hall in front of the drawing room. The Improvement Committee expect to purchase a similar one for the front hall.

Hip-hip, hooray! No more exams or test days; in fact, it is a case of "Nothing to do 'til tomorrow." The notice Mr. Bond sent around to that effect was greeted by approval on one side and dissatisfaction on the other. It was the good student who was dissatisfied, because he would lose several days vacation now and again; and the poor student was the happy one. Queer, isn't it?

The Delphia Literary Society is planning a fine program to be given before the Student Body in a short time. Whenever this society appears before us it gives an interesting and profitable entertainment, and its work is aIways enjoyed and appreciated.

Arrangements have been made for a special course to be given in domestic science for the boys. We understand that principally plain and camp cooking will be taught. Now, boys, do the right thing and give us girls an occasional "hand out."

The Board of Education has procured a vacant lot near school for the use of the agricultural class, taught by Mr. Handshy.

Another interesting course added to the curriculum this year is industrial science. Only eight are taking up this interesting and valuable work; but it is hoped that more will take advantage of this opportunity when it is again afforded.

Owing to the resignation of the secretary and treasurer of the G. A. A., Gladys Daubenbiss has been elected secretary, and Genevieve Grant, treasurer, and also coach.

This year's Junior Class officers are: President, Austin Mosher; Vice President, Lois Nelson; Secretary-Treasurer, Dorothy Fargo, and S.B. Rep., Ralph Greer.

Sophomores: President, Jay Gates: Vice President, Gertrude Rae; Secretary-Treasurer, Ezma Lynch, and S. B. Rep., Aubrey Howland.

Freshmen: President, John O'Keefe; Vice President, Ned Atkinson; Secretary-Treasurer, Joe Wheeler; and S. B. Rep., Georgia Brown.

We can justly be proud of this year's orchestra, composed of some eighteen members. Its untiring leader, Mrs. Watson, predicts great things for this term.

The boys' literary society, The Forum, should progress under the following officers: President, Haswell Leask, Vice President, Earl Smith; Secretary-Treasurer, Harold Lynam; Reporter, Philip Cooley, Sergeant at Arms, Austin Mosher.

The Honor Society expects to continue its meetings at the homes of the men teachers. We should realize the importance of this society, whose highest aim is to promote the best interests of the school in as many ways as possible.

Mr. Bond's office presents a fine appearance in its new furnishings. We appreciate the new library system.

The front seats in both study halls, which have been vacant for almost two weeks, are slowly gaining popularity.

The large number of boys enrolled in the sight singing class proves, when they give up three mornings a week from eight thirty to nine o'clock, that this course is popular.

The girls' basement has been renovated. The walls have been boarded up, hung with pictures, and comfortable seats have been arranged around them. All that it lacks now is a mirror. The girls find it a difficult problem to arrange their coiffure and adjust their hats by the present one.

We should, during the present football season, make it our business to see that the games be supported, especially those with outside teams, and in a manner befitting our school. This is one of the best ways in which we can show that we are loyal members of our high school.

The September 1912 "Trident" and the photograph are part of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries' collection.

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