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Chesnutwood's Business College

An institution of which Santa Cruz is justly proud is Chesnutwood's Business College, a commercial school which has acquired a national reputation, which has its graduates in England, in Mexico, in Central America, in eleven of the States east of the Rocky Mountains, and everywhere on the Pacific Coast.

Founded in a very modest way, in Santa Cruz, February 4th, 1884, the progress of Chesnutwood's College has been steady and uninterrupted. It is centrally located in the Hihn Block, corner Walnut and Pacific avenues; the main study hall is a very large apartment, thoroughly and comfortably equipped, while the offices are handsome and complete in every respect. The membership was never so large, nor the condition of the college so flourishing as at the present writing.

Two banks, one for domestic business and one for foreign exchange, are in constant operation. In the latter, the students become proficient in rapidly and correctly computing the value of United State's money in the currencies of all the principal countries of the world, and exchanging them. The student enters active business as soon as he enters the college doors. Prof. J. A. Chesnutwood, the proprietor and principal, has gradually but persistently raised the standard of study and method toward his own high ideal, until all theory has been abandoned in favor of practical commercial work, while classes and text-books are unknown. Individual instruction enables the pupil to progress as rapidly as his talents will permit; he keeps his own set of books, different from all the others, transacts a business of his own and graduates at any time when he has satisfactorily finished the course, without waiting for any one else.

Co-education is the rule. The college is open to ladies as well as gentlemen, and some of the most brilliant graduates have been young girls who are now in successful business positions.

The business of the college, including the banks, is based on that of the commercial world of even date. Current market reports govern college prices, and the banks are in touch with actual institutions of the kind. No rusty methods are taught, and, when a Chesnutwood student goes into commercial life, he has nothing to unlearn.

Santa Cruz offers a delightful home to those who come here to study, and many families who came here to give their children the advantages of the college have ended by adopting the place as a permanent residence. For those in moderate circumstances comfortable rooms and board are found at the most reasonable rates. The salubrious and equable climate, the sea-bathing and the opportunity for out-door life all conduce to the continued good health of the student.

A very neat journal is published by the college each month. In this journal are contained full details of terms, curriculum, etc. A copy of the same can be procured at any time by addressing Prof. J. A. Chesnutwood, Santa Cruz.

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