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Governors of California After Statehood

Governors of Californa, 1849--1895

Data from California's Legislature, published by the California State Assembly, 1984.

Term Name Party
1849-1851 Peter H. Burnett Independent Democrat
1851-1852 John McDougal Independent Democrat
1852-1856 John Bigler Democrat
1856-1858 John Neely Johnson American
1858-1860 John B. Weller Democrat
1860 Milton S. Latham Lecompton Democrat
1860-1862 John G. Downey Lecompton Democrat
1862-1863 Leland Stanford Republican
1863-1867 Frederick F. Low Union
1867-1871 Henry H. Haight Democrat
1871-1875 Newton Booth Republican
1875 Romualdo Pacheco Republican
1875-1880 William Irwin Democrat
1880-1883 George C. Perkins Republican
1883-1887 George Stoneman Democrat
1887 Washington Bartlett Democrat
1887-1891 Robert W. Waterman Republican
1891-1895 Henry H. Markham Republican


Governors of California, 1895--Present

Data from California's Legislature, published by the California State Assembly, 1984 & 2000; World Book Encyclopedia 1998; Governors of California Gallery, developed by the California State Library.

Term Name Party
1895-1899 James H. Budd Democrat
1899-1903 Henry T. Gage Republican
1903-1907 George C. Pardee Republican
1907-1911 James N. Gillett Republican
1911-1917 Hiram W. Johnson Republican
1917-1923 William D. Stephens Republican
1923-1927 Friend William Richardson Republican
1927-1931 Clement C. Young Republican
1931-1934 James Rolph, Jr. Republican
1934-1939 Frank F. Merriam Republican
1939-1943 Culbert L. Olson Democrat
1943-1953 Earl Warren Republican
1953-1959 Goodwin J. Knight Republican
1959-1967 Edmund G. "Pat" Brown Democrat
1967-1975 Ronald Reagan Republican
1975-1983 Edmund G. "Jerry" Brown, Jr. Democrat
1983-1991 George Deukmejian Republican
1991-1999 Pete Wilson Republican
1999-2003 Gray Davis (recalled) Democrat
2003-2011 Arnold Schwarzenegger Republican

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