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Governors of California Prior to Statehood

Governors of California,
When California Belonged to Spain, 1767--1822

The first 2 tables were compiled by Carmen Morones from various editions of the California Blue Book.

Term Name
1767-1771 Gaspar de Portola
1771-1774 Felipe de Barri
1774-1782 Felipe de Neve
1782-1790 Pedro Fajes
1790-1792 Jose Antonio Romea
1792-1794 Jose J. Arrillaga
1794-1800 Diego de Borica
1800-1814 Jose J. Arrillaga
1814-1815 Jose Arguello
1815-1822 Pablo Vincente de Sola


Governors of California,
When California Belonged to Mexico, 1822--1846

Term Name
1822-1823 Pablo Vincente de Sola
1823-1825 Louis Arguello
1825-1831 Jose Maria de Echeandia
1831-1832 Manuel Victoria
1832-1833 Pio Pico
1833-1835 Jose Figueroa
1835-1836 Jose Castro
1836 Nicolas Gutierrez
Mariano Chico
Nicolas Gutierrez
1836-1842 Juan B. Alvarado
1842-1845 Manuel Micheltoreno
1845-1846 Pio Pico


Military Governors of California,

As the result of the Mexican War, Mexico ceded California to the United States in 1846. A territorial government should have been established by the U.S. Congress, but it was not. Congress delayed establishing any civilian government while it struggled with the issues of slavery and the balance of slave and non-slave states. In the meantime, California was administered by a succession of seven American military governors. [RAP-ed.]

Source of the information in the following table: Hart, James D. A Companion to California, University of California Press, 1987.

Name Term
John Drake Sloat July 7--29, 1846
Robert Field Stockton July 29, 1846--Jan. 19, 1847
John Charles Fremont Jan. 19--March 1, 1847
Stephen Watts Kearny March 1--May 31, 1847
Richard Barnes Mason May 31, 1847--Feb.28, 1849
Persifor F. Smith Feb. 28--April 12, 1849
Bennet Riley April 12--Dec.20, 1849

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