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Photographs of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Area: Visitor Accommodations


Post card showing Cottage City
This undated post card is titled, " Cottage City,
showing Bathing Pavilion and Casino
on the Beach, Santa Cruz, Cal. "

Tent City was located on Beach Street, opposite the Casino. It provided less expensive accommodations than those available at the nearby luxurious Sea Beach Hotel. Each of the 200 tents in Tent City had a wooden floor, lights, and water. It was destroyed along with the Casino in the 1906 fire. By 1907, cottages had replaced the tents and became known as Cottage City.


A 1910 visitor's guide lists rates for the Cottage City:

One Person

$.75 to $1.00 Per Night

$5.00 to $7.00 Per Week

Two Persons

$1.50 to $2.50 Per Night

$9.00 to $15.00 Per Week

Four Persons

$2.50 to $3.50 Per Night

$15.00 to $28.00 Per Week

Eight Persons


$40.00 Per Week


Construction of the Casa del Rey
Construction of the Casa del Rey

The Casa del Rey Hotel was built in 1911 on site of the Cottage City. The photograph on the right shows the laying of the foundation. The one below shows the hotel on July 29, 1911.


Photo of Casa del Rey
Photo of Casa del Rey


The advertisement below appeared in the "Program of Events" for the Santa Cruz Marine Pageant of 1912. Note the number of automobiles the 1912 garage could accommodate.


Hubbs & Brisac

Accommodation, 300 Cars--Orders for Hire Day and Night

Opposite the Hotel--Santa Cruz

Swanton's company went bankrupt in 1912. The boardwalk facilities were closed until 1915 when a new company--The Santa Cruz Seaside Company-- took over. To learn more about the Boardwalk area, read about its beginnings in A First in Hot Bathing, and about its later history in Survival of the Funnest.

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