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Board of Trustees and Presidents 1866--1875

In 1866, the City of Santa Cruz incorporated as a town. The incorporation papers specified that the town would be governed by an elected Board of Trustees. The members of the Board selected one of their members to be the President of the Board. Unless otherwise noted, the date after a name is the date the person assumed office. After the minutes of 4/30/1868, the next recorded minutes are for 5/8/1869.

Information is courtesy of the S.C. City Clerk's Office

Year President Trustees
1866 S.W. Field (5-18-66)
  • Amasa Pray
  • George C. Stevens
1867 Amasa Pray (5-14-67)
  • George C. Stevens
  • Elihu Anthony (5-14-67)
1868 Amasa Pray
  • George C. Stevens
    (resigned 4-30-68)
  • Elihu Anthony
    (resigned 4-30-68)
1869 J. S. Green
  • J. N. Besse
  • A. R. Meserve
1870 Joseph Boston (5-11-70)
  • A. R. Meserve
  • E. Briody (5-11-70)
1871 J. N. Besse (5-2-71)
  • R. C. Kirby (5-2-71)
  • J. J. Smith (5-2-71)
1872 G. B. V. Delemater (5-16-72)
  • William Ely (5-16-72)
  • Charles Brown (5-16-72)
1873 J. S. Green (5-10-73)
  • A. Pray (5-10-73)
  • F. A. Hihn (5-10-73)
1874 J. S. Green (5-6-74)
  • A. Pray
  • F.A. Hihn
1875 David Hinds (5-7-75)
  • H. W. Pope (5-7-75)
  • George T. Gregg (5-7-75)

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