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has been selected as the location for the studio and production activities of Wharton Film Classics, Inc., (Pt. IV)

IV: A Word to the People of Santa Cruz County

In this great nation of ours, teeming with its millions of souls, there is a large percentage who have accumulated a sufficiency of wealth, and are now seeking the ideal playground and climate. California is generally known through the East and Middle West as Los Angeles or Hollywood, and it is quite natural for all those coming west with money to spend in return for climate and comfort, that unless they have been personally directed by some friend living in other beautiful parts of the state, they will head for and settle within or near the boundaries of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles and Hollywood, the latter by reason of the moving picture industries, are the two best advertised cities in the world. Their always active Chambers of Commerce and various booster organizations have taken care of that, with the valuable aid given by the motion picture industry.

Santa Cruz is off the beaten path, and if you are to divert the stream of travel, it will be necessary to call attention to this city through the various mediums that are offered. Let the world know of your hidden paradise, which it can properly be termed.

What more fitting medium can be used for that purpose than an active motion picture studio and organization in the community?

Santa Cruz has everything desirable and beautiful in nature to offer all who now turn aside and come into your empire. What single locality in all California has been more kindly endowed with the beauties of nature combined with climatic ideality, where the great Pacific kisses and caresses beautiful, verdant mountain slopes, bathed in sunshine and clothed with magnificent redwood trees.

Much more could be said in truth and still justice could not be done. If Los Angeles had the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains instead of the barren Tehachapis, they would throw a stone wall around the entire group and charge admission.

The advent of Wharton Film Classics, Inc., into Santa Cruz, and the opportunity offered for the advancement and general welfare of the entire community through their proposed activities will be of everlasting benefit to every person in the community.

The City of Santa Cruz offers wonderful possibilities for development and there is no one industry that will benefit the city more than a Motion Picture Production Comapny. For with its many needs, most of which can be met by the man-power of the city that is available, and the talent that will be developed through close association and training, who can say but what there will be an influence for good felt, as has been the case in every other locality where the film industry thrives?

The people of Santa Cruz are alive to the needs of their community and will welcome the Wharton Film Classics, Inc. Every effort should be made to encourage that which will benefit the community and make of Santa Cruz a City of Progress and Activity.

The Wharton Film Classics, Inc., is a corporation organized under the laws of the State of California, with a capitalization of One Million Dollars, consisting of one million shares of stock, par value, one dollar.

We wish to announce to the public in general the establishment of temporary offices at 12 1/2 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz, California, where every attention will be paid to the curious or those who may be interested in our plan of operation, or those who may be searching for information of whatever nature, that we may be able to give.

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