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Wharton Film Studio Promotional Brochure: Why Santa Cruz...

has been selected as the location for the studio and production activities of Wharton Film Classics, Inc., (Pt. II)


The great essentials of life are spiritual welfare, food, clothing and shelter. Next in importance comes entertainment, for without a reasonable amount of the latter, life would be at best, a drab existence.

There are, of course, many and varied classes of entertainment, and it is safe to say that the motion picture ranks first as the entertainment of the great majority of the peoples of the world, who buy their entertainment just as they buy their food.

The demand for this type of entertainment is ever increasing, never diminishing. It is the quality of the product manufactured that brings the large returns to the producer in any line, whether it be the farmer, the tailor or the entertainment producer.

It is, therefore, the intent and purpose of Wharton Film Classics, Inc., to concentrate on entertainment values in their proposed productions.

It is the purpose of this organization to become permanently identified with the motion picture industry as producers and distributors of motion pictures, but it is not our intention to attempt to revolutionize motion picture production methods, nor to outrival the spectacular accomplishments of Griffith or DeMille. We shall merely strive to give the public such entertainment as close observation has proven without question they prefer, viz: melodrama. By "the public" we mean the greater proportion of picture-goers. In other words, we intend to cater to the masses, and not to "the classes." Nothing has ever survived in business or industry that has catered to an exclusive following. Therefore, it is our intention to make productions that are certain to be popular with the "rank and file," but, at the same time, be careful always not to offend more delicate sensibilities.

Owing to the fact that styles in motion pictures are subject to periodical changes, and the type of story that may be in demand today might possibly be entirely unsuited for production three months from now, it is not deemed advisable that this organization go on record definitely as to the stories that are to be filmed during any given period.

While the Wharton Film Classics, Inc., has a number of splendid stories available for production, they cannot, with any degree of certainty state just which stories are to be produced during the first year, for the reasons given above.

It can be stated, however, that a minimum of four feature productions will be made during the first year of production activities, unless it be later determined advisable to produce a serial. This latter course may possibly be followed due to the fact that distributing interests in the industry have frequently urged Mr. Wharton to produce a high-class serial of the type made famous by him in the past; it being a matter of record in the industry that the Wharton Serials are the only pictures of this type that have ever been shown in the "first-run" theatres.

The cost of the feature pictures will range from $25,000 to $50,000 each, and the Serial $100,000. These estimates include cost of exploitation and allow for delays that might be caused by illness or weather conditions.

The casts will be chosen from players of recognized merit, whose popularity is on the upward trend, and who are peculiarly fitted to portray the types depicted in the story that may be selected for production. The field in which to engage high-class talent is practically unlimited, as comparatively few stars are now under long-term contracts. In fact, the great majority of them are engaged for one picture at a time and their services are at the disposal of the highest bidder offering CASH and IMMEDIATE EMPLOYMENT.

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