Santa Cruz County History - Disasters & Calamities

Buildings Demolished in Downtown Santa Cruz as a Result of the Loma Prieta Earthquake, 1989

Source: "City Quake Report." Santa Cruz, Ca.: City of Santa Cruz, December 1989. p. 6.

Pacific Avenue 1500 Block
1549 Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Company
1547 Bookshop Santa Cruz* (1899), Cafezinho
1539 Western Vision
1537 Penniman Title
1531 Modern Life* (Drennan Building, 1910)
1529 Gold Camel
1527 Zwerling Optometrist
1523 Santa Cruz Hardware
1521 Chi Pants
Pacific Avenue 1400 Block
1405 Gottschalks (partial)
Pacific Avenue 1300 Block
1369-1379 Rittenhouse Building
Express Limited
Body Options
1363 Lilly Marlene's
1353 Shockley's
1349 Roberts
1347 Revelations
Pacific Avenue 1200 Block
1201-1211 Hihn Building* (Medical-Dental Building, 1894)
Gergen's Hallmark
Royal Cleaners
Upstairs offices
Pacific Avenue 1100 Block
1125 Athletic Express
1123 Gensler Lee
1121 Pipeline
1117 Logos Books (partial)
1116 Acapulco Restaurant
1114 Colonial Hotel
1111 Plaza Books (partial)* (Hotel Metropole, 1908)
1110 Good Times Building
Folk Arts
Blue Moon Cafe
1101 Ford's Department Store
Pacific Avenue 1000 Block
1012-14 Greenpeace
Upper Crust
1001 Spodick's Furniture
Cooper Street 100 Block
107 Shandrydan* (1894)
109 Shen's Gallery* (1894)
110 Cooper House* (1894)
Front Street 400 Block
440 Runyan's

* Buildings listed in Santa Cruz Historic Building Survey

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