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WWII Veterans with Japanese Surnames

In 1948, Santa Cruz High School published a yearbook called the Service Cardinal. It attempted to list all of the Santa Cruz High School students who served in World War II . The editors tried to obtain a photograph and a service record for each person. The foreword in the yearbook warns us that the information may not be complete--"Many were indifferent, some refused to give their records, others their photographs, and a few did not want to have anything to do with our project."

The Library has used the yearbook to compile a list of those individuals we believe to be of Japanese ancestry. We assumed a person was of Japanese ancestry because of his/her surname or because of his service unit. If there are errors or omissions, please send us email.--RAP ed.

U.S. Army

  • Henry Y. Arao +*
  • Nagatoshi Fujita *
  • George Hashimoto
  • Mark Hashimoto *
  • Tamaki (Tom) Iwanaga *
  • Nobuyuki Iwanaga
  • Yoshimi Kawaguchi *
  • Mitsugi Kawaguchi *
  • George I. Kikuchi
  • Art Kitahara *
  • Burt Kitahara
  • Franklin Kitahara
  • Tom Masamori
  • Kiyoshi Miyamura
  • Fred Okino
  • Wataru Okino *
  • George Otsuki *
  • Issie Otsuki *
  • Thomas Otsuki
  • Kuichi Takei
  • George Tani

+Distinguished Service Cross; *100th/442nd Regimental Combat Team

U. S. Army Air Corps:

Yosh Ogawa (442nd)

U.S. Army Intelligence Service:

Tugio Iwanaga
Suama Iwanaga
Masato Kajioka
George I. Nakamura (killed in action; Silver Star)
Mark Watanabe

U.S. Women's Army Corps:

Iris A. Watanabe

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