Santa Cruz County History - In the 20th Century

Miss Santa Cruz County
by Santa Cruz Sentinel

The sources of the following information are Santa Cruz Sentinel (various dates) and the Miss Santa Cruz County Pageant Executive Board. Reference staff was unable to determine why there are gaps in chronological sequence.

Date Name Winners of Miss California or other
Special Awards
1924 Mary Black  
1925 Yetta Haber  
1926 Bertha Wiezel Miss California
1936 Cynthia Currall  
1938 Gloria Daily  
1947 Dixie Dotson  
1954 Alice Holland  
1955 Barbara Harris Miss California
1956 Jeanne Robertson  
1957 Jeanine Larsen  
1958 Mary Ann Arras  
1959 Anna Volpini  
1960 Lacretia Wilson  
1961 Linda Epperson  
1962 Wendy Robinson  
1963 Ja Vaughn  
1964 Elizabeth Bohlmann Semifinalist
1965 Donna Gearhart  
1966 Cheryl Moore  
1967 Jeanne Ayedelotte  
1968 Kathy Lowry  
1969 Jill Kostenko Semifinalist
1970 Dede Moore Semifinalist
1971 Roe Sands  
1972 Janice Louise Todd Miss Congeniality
1973 Pam Scott  
1974 Chris Allegri Semifinalist, Preliminary Talent
1975 Rebecca Doerr  
1976 Phyllis Hamlin  
1977 Kathy DeMoro  
1978 Barbara Bowen First Runner-Up
1979 Tamara Pfell Preliminary Swimsuit
Miss California Emblem Club Scholarship
1980 Carrie Kelsey Third Runner-Up
1981 Kristin Cathrein Second Runner-Up, Preliminary Swimsuit
1982 Laurie Christine Rizzo Semifinalist
1983 Karen-Kay Eriksson  
1984 Mara Miller Semifinalist, Miss Congeniality
1985 Patricia Flowers  
1986 Stacy Maller  
1987 Patricia Annoni  
1988 Malinda Joan Frey *(see note below)
1989 Anjela Stellato Semifinalist
1990 Malinda Joan Frey Semifinalist, Preliminary Swimsuit
Quality of Life Scholarship
1991 Lisa Nichole Liberatore  
1992 Lynn Bachelor  
1993 Krisiti Fisher  
1994 Heather Dufau  
1995 Shanelle Campbell  
1996 Rebecca Ventura  
1997 Jennifer Sisco-Moore Semifinalist, Leni Arnhym Classical Performer Award
1998 Valerie Grace La France  
1999 Randi Armour  
2000 Darci Robertson  

*Michele Anderson was crowned Miss Santa Cruz County in 1988. She lost the title at the Miss California Pageant after she pulled a banner out of her top that denounced pageants. Her sucessor was Malinda Joan Frey.

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