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Mineral Survey of Santa Cruz County - Moulding Sand and Peat
by C. McK. Laizure

Prepared by C. McK. Laizure,
Mining Engineer of the California State Mining Bureau

Moulding Sand

During the past year moulding sand has been added to the list of commercial minerals produced in Santa Cruz County.

Daniels Transfer Company, 23 Front Street, Santa Cruz, is producing this material from a deposit at Twin Lakes. It is being used in local foundries.

This information was obtained after the completion of field work in the county and subsequent to the collection of samples of California moulding sands by the State Mining Bureau for testing by the American Foundrymen's Association, so that, as yet the deposit has not been visited nor the sand tested to determine its particular characteristics and adaptability for different foundry purposes.


Peat is said to occur in Santa Cruz County near Felton. Small deposits may possibly be found in the vicinity of Watsonville also, as the log of an artesian well bored near the outskirts of the town showed 12 feet of peaty bog underlain by blue clay. There are probably no extensive deposits.

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The Mineral Survey of Santa Cruz County was printed in the Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce Annual Report, 1926. Reproduced by permission of the Santa Cruz Area Chamber of Commerce.

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