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Old Soldiers: Santa Cruz County Civil War Veterans
by Robert L. Nelson

WYMAN, J. DAVID (1832-1885)

Santa Cruz County Hospital Records

Santa Cruz County Hospital records indicate that a David Wyman, a 51 year old lumberman from Maine was admitted to the County Hospital on July 11, 1883, suffering from neuralgia.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (September 6, 1862)

An Unfortunate Love Affair

A short time since, a fair widow in Santa Cruz county, California, about the age of – well not to be too particular, we will say a decade or two over twenty, received a letter from her "lovyer" a young man a little over 30 years of age, who in search of military fame, had joined Captain Brown's company of volunteers, now stationed at Ft. Churchill, which stated that he was sick at heart and pining away solely for her, and urged her to meet him at Fort Churchill. This letter was written while Captain Brown's company was enroute for the Fort. Before the company reached French Corral, ten miles the other side of San Juan, the lover whose name is Wyman, deserted, and has not since been heard of. Wyman failed to notify his inamorata of his hasty leave of the military service, and she, reposing the utmost confidence in her swain, arrived at the Fort a short time since. Finding that Captain Brown's company had gone out to quiet the Indians, she patiently awaited its return. The company returning, the widow was rendered disconsolate by the information that her lover had ingloriously deserted. The widow remains at the Fort, although in a fearful state of mind for an eminently pious woman, which she is reported to be. She has plenty of the needful to pay for all she requires, and is reported to very wealthy. What can detain her at the Fort it is impossible for us to presume, unless it be that she apprehends his return, in which case she will doubtless be rendered miserable for life, as Colonel Sims threatens to make an example of him by shooting him. This is another instance where the course of true love failed to run smooth. - Silver Age.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (April 9, 1863)

Recently received dated Fort Churchill, April 27th, states that many of the soldiers who have absented themselves without leave are now returning through the clemency of the president's proclamation and adds that Maj. McCarry (Edward- prom. Lt. Col. 12/24/63 and commander of the regiment Nov. 29 '64) is very anxious to have all who left under Col. Columbus Sims (promoted to command vice Col. Andrew J. Smith, brevet Brig. Gen. U.S. Vols) (mustered in as Col. Nov. 13 '61, resigned Jan. 31, '63) return – as to return now will be without difficulty; but if they do not there will be vigorous efforts made to reclaim them when resort is made to drafting; and then they will certainly be punished. In the future the law will be enforced to the letter. Time for returning is extended to June 1st, and Mr. Wyman implores all who have their countries cause at heart to return. The friends of Mr. Wyman rejoice at his course.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (May 16, 1863)

MARRIED: J.D. Wyman, whose letter we published last week, favors us with a notice of his marriage with Mrs. Mary Fowell, formerly of Santa Cruz. The nuptials were celebrated at Fort Churchill, N.T. as is usual in those times, of course, in military style.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (November 4, 1885)

Dave Wyman died at the County Hospital Tuesday morning. He arrived in Santa Cruz in the "fifties" and served during the Civil War under Capt. Albert Brown. He was a native of Maine, aged 57 years. The deceased was an inmate of the county hospital on three different occasions, the last time he went there on Friday when he was stricken with paralysis. He was an Engineer at the South Coast Paper Mills, Soquel for a time, but recently has been engaged in fishing.

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