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Old Soldiers: Santa Cruz County Civil War Veterans
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WHIPPLE, HENRY W (1829-1899)

Santa Cruz Great Register (1892-1896)

W.H. Whipple indicated that he was 63 years old, a farmer and a native of New York and described as being 5'7" tall dark complexioned with Grey (Green?) eyes and grey hair residing in Soquel when he registered on September 10, 1892. He was registered in Soquel precinct #2.

Santa Cruz Great Register (1896-1899)

W.H. Whipple indicated that he was 67 years old, a farmer and a native of New York and described as being 5'7" tall dark complexioned with Grey (Green?) eyes and grey hair residing in Soquel when he registered on June 4, 1896. He was registered in Soquel precinct #2.

Civil War Veteran Pension Application File, US National Archives in San Bruno, CA

Henry W Whipple, Appl. # 141957, Cert # 112,320-, Co G 97th IL Inf.
Filing Date 04/08/1869.

Pensions on Role, Boone County MO (1883)

Certificate # 11230
Name Henry W Whipple
Post Office Burlington [MO]
Cause for which pensioned: Necrosis r. leg
Monthly Rate $12.00
Orig Date ---

Santa Cruz County Hospital Record (December 27, 1898)

H.W. Whipple, a Native of N.Y. Occupation Farmer, Age 79, Widower, admitted December 27, 1898 With La Grippe (Influenza). Died Jan 1, 1899.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (August 2, 1898)

H Henry Whipple was arrested Monday for assault with a pistol on P.J. Americh a camper at New Brighton. His bail was fixed at $250 pending his trial in Justice Craghill's court.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (August 14, 1898)

H. Whipple was convicted Saturday in Justice Craghill's court of exhibiting a gun in a threatening manner. A motion was made for a new trial.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (January 2, 1899)

DIED: Whittle - In this city H.W. Whittle, a native of Missouri, aged 69.

Santa Cruz Surf (January 4, 1899)

The funeral of W.H. Whipple was held this afternoon under the auspices of Wallace Reynolds GAR.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (May 29, 1901)

List of Heroes Who Answered Their Country's Call
Comrades Will Honor Their Memories on Decoration Day-Flowers for the Brave

The following is a list of deceased veterans interred in cemeteries of this county, and whose graves will be covered with flower on Decoration Day [...] W.H. Whipple

Notes from the descendants of Henry W Whipple

Dan Matthews, great grandson of H.W. Whipple, shared the fact that he was born in New York State in 1820. He married his first wife Mary A. who was born in New York in 1836. They had a son Seth born in 1851 and two daughters Martha and Melinda. In the mid to late 1850s they moved first to Wisconsin and then to Missouri where they apparently settled. On the 1860 Morgan County Missouri census for Syracuse township, Henry is listed as being a 31 year old resident who was a stone mason by trade. Also listed was a wife, Polly, who died In 1861. Henry subsequently remarried a woman by the name of Mary. To that union a son Warren was born in 1863. Henry enlisted for service in the civil war. After the Civil war he moved to Clay Township, Harrison County, Iowa where Henry age 46, appears on the August 4th census of 1870, along with his wife Mary and children. In the census of 1880 conducted on June 11, he appears in township 106 (later named Madison) Lake County South Dakota. In 1885 he appears within the minutes of the General Shields Post #22 of Madison South Dakota as Quartermaster Sergeant. In approximately 1888 he migrated to Clovis, California and later moved with his son Seth and his family to Soquel. Henry was apparently somewhat of a wanderer and his residence in Santa Cruz may have been infrequent. As legend has it Henry Whipple appeared to enjoy drinking with members of the Porter family in Soquel. While he was welcome in Seth’s home when Henry arrived intoxicated, he would be encouraged to leave. His visits were often unexpected and family members were not even aware of his final days at the county hospital.

Shirley Stanley, great granddaughter, indicated that she had been told that on Memorial Day Henry Whipple would put on his old soldier clothes and make his way out to the cemetery in an attempt to pick up as many "perks" as possible along the way. She also noted that chronological burial location in the GAR plot for Henry Whipple determined by the SUVCW, coincides with the area described by her father as being the grave location he remembers.

Robert Lincoln, a great grandson indicated that stories within the family made reference to Henry'’s drinking problem and friendship with members of the Porter family. Henry may have made several trips back east according to Robert Lincoln; however he doesn't know where the funding for those excursions may have come from. He was also told that Henry had an unusual feature of having a double row of teeth. Like Shirley Stanley, he was told that Henry Whipple was buried in the front corner of the GAR plot.

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