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Old Soldiers: Santa Cruz County Civil War Veterans
by Robert L. Nelson

VEATCH, HARRY C (dates unknown)

Santa Cruz Sentinel (October 21, 1894)

H.C. Veatch has been granted a pension.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (August 26, 1928)

Fifty Five Years of Wedded Life; Former Citizens

Old Timers will recall Colonel Veatch as the genial proprietor of the Wilkins House, a hostelry that stood amid beautiful grounds n the lower end of Pacific Avenue and which was probably the best known in its day of all the long list of noted Santa Cruz stopping places. At the time of their departure the Veatches were residents on Garfield street, and the family was well known for its active participation in local church and social activities.

Subsequent to their removal from Santa Cruz the family located at Oroville, Cal., where Mr. Veatch was one of the pioneers of the state in the erection of moderately priced homes on a considerable scale. The enterprise at Oroville was initiated at a time when the gold dredgers were still largely experiments, and Colonel Veatch had the novel experience of developing and selling a tract of land which, shortly after its occupation for residential purposes, was found to be a terrain so rich in alluvial gold it would have brought a greater price for mining operations than its entire value as developed.

Later Mr. Veatch removed his scene of operations to Chico, where he added banking; still later transferring to Gridley, California, where he founded a bank and occupies an executive position among its officials. His residential developments at Gridley have been a material assistance in the rapid growth of that city. The family home, occupying a large part of a block, is one of the local show places, with its spacious dwelling, wide lawns set with great palms, and lovely shade trees to give refuge against the over ardent suns of the upper Sacramento valley.

The Sacramento Bee carries the following story concerning the 55th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Veatch.

Gridley (Butte Co.), Aug. 16- Colonel and Mrs. H.C. Veatch, prominent residents of Gridley, celebrated their fifty fifth wedding anniversary last Friday evening, the occasion being marked by a gathering of the family at the Veatch home on Vermont street. Mr. and Mrs. Veatch were married in Manhattan Kan., and came to California in 1881. They lived in Oroville until 1911, when they removed to Gridley.

Five of their seven children are living as follows: Dr. H.C. Veatch of San Francisco, Roy M. Veatch of Oakland, Mrs. G.M. Taverner of Elk Grove, Mrs. W.W. Reece of Oroville and Mrs. Mary Crum of Gridley.

Santa Cruz Sentinel (August 16, 1932)

Celebrates 59th Wedding Anniversary

Col. Harry C. Veatch and wife of Gridley, last week celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary. Col. Veatch will this week celebrate his 86th birthday anniversary. When they first came to California they resided in Santa Cruz for a good many years where the colonel was partner in a symposium.

Editorial Notes from Robert L. Nelson

H.C. Veatch was the Department of California GAR Inspector in 1915.

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